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Sunday 31 July 2011

Sunday's Bright Links No.46: Cookbook Wallpaper & Tabletop Treats

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Going on a picnic? These free to download tags are a must!
These two posts on a wedding in Tuscany had me longing to visit the Italian region.
I guest posted three of my inspirations over on Down and Out Chic.
I felt inspired by Manvi and Jeanine's top notch tablescaping for Matchbook. (P.S. Congratulations on your forthcoming book, Jeanine!)
The relaxed approach to this Spanish wedding is lovely - dreamy photography, too.
Enjoyed this fun campaign for PB Dorm shot by Reed Davis.
This vase DIY is so simple but looks great!

Saturday 30 July 2011

Happy Weekend: Bedroom Bliss!

I've always liked the idea of having a shelf behind the headboard of my bed, not just for aesthetic reasons but because it makes good use of 'dead' space, too. I like the eclectic, cluttered styling of the shelf here because it adds depth and layering to the space - it's refreshing to see a bedroom where something other than the headboard becomes the focal point. The sumptuous linens generously layered upon the bed soft the vintage-industrial feel, bringing a much needed tactile element to the room. I could certainly do with a weekend here to rest! Do you have fun plans this weekend, folks?

Friday 29 July 2011

Elle Decoration: Rustic Blue Hues

Elle Decoration
I really enjoyed Red's take on the blue and white colour scheme for summer (think sun-soaked azure, sapphire and turquoise hues against a backdrop of brilliant white Greek buildings) but Elle Decoration's take on the colour duo is equally as appealing. In fact, this more rustic approach is a more adaptable palette as we head towards fall. Rustic linens and tactile textures in midnight blue and deep navy shades make the scheme warmer and not as saturated; whites, too, are cooled down into creamer shades. There's no denying that a classic blue and white stripe - saturated or not - provides instant style. I also enjoyed the flashes of burnt orange hues seen in their 'decorating' and 'homes' sections. What do you like about this rustic take on the classic blue and white scheme?

Thursday 28 July 2011

Anthropologie's Dining Delights

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Anthropologie are inspiring my little polka dot socks off today with their new dining collection. A delightful mix of simple red, white and blue dinnerware, vibrant table linens and traditional glassware, the collection offers a range of basics and investment pieces for a variety of tastes and price points. If you're looking for recipe inspiration as well as tabletop then be sure to check out this interview with chef Alice Hart where she shares an exclusive summer recipe. Which of these dining delights would you choose?

Wednesday 27 July 2011

First Look: Adore Magazine's Forthcoming Issue

Crikey, what a day of Aussie exclusives! First we were treated to a look at Anna Spiro's new concept store and now we have a first look at the forthcoming Aug/Sept issue of Adore Home magazine. Launching next Monday, the issue is packed full of colourful inspiration - just the way Mr. Bazaar likes it! Here we get a peek at what's inside: a coastal apartment in Queensland, Australia, designed by Touch Interiors; a gorgeous, racing green coloured bar inside new Melbourne restaurant, Bistro Guillaume and finally the striking, orange cabinet and deer antler chandelier are from a store profile of Fenton & Fenton in Melbourne. Which peek has you excited to see more?

Exclusive First Look: Anna Spiro's Online Concept Store

I'm delighted to welcome Anna Spiro to Bright.Bazaar today to walk us through her new, online concept store that launches tomorrow. Anna has an incredible talent for decorating with colour and pattern, so without further ado, I'll hand you over to the lady herself...
First and foremost I am a designer and I wanted our online store to reflect that. I wasn’t happy to have an online store which was filled with mass-produced product page after page. It was important to do something which was more than that for our customers. My thoughts were that I should put together a collection of special things in our online store the way I would put them together in a home so that customers could be inspired and excited about seeing our pieces beautifully arranged.
Therefore, each season we will be presenting a new online vignette which will showcase a collection of unique items available for purchase which I have hand selected and pulled together. Each vignette will comprise of a mixture of one-off vintage/collectable items, custom made items and other limited edition pieces. For example in our first vignette which is for Winter 2011 we have a beautiful armchair, a hall table, a coffee table, a lamp, cushions, vases etc. Some of those items will be one-off and some we will only have limited stocks available. I really want to showcase items in our store which are very special, unique and of high quality and once sold out it is our intention not to repeat items.
The way in which we are going to present the store is the most exciting part. Each season {Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and maybe a few other special dates in between like Christmas and Easter} we will upload a beautiful image of our selected goods for that season which I have put together in a room scene/vignette. Each item which is for sale in the photograph will have a number on it and you will basically be able to click on the number and then you will be directed to a full description of the item including the price, the size, how many we have available and see some more close-up images of the piece. Then you can either add it to your cart or continue shopping in the room - it’s as simple as that.
I think my only advice to our customers is – if you want to buy something then you will need to be very quick and very decisive as there isn’t going to be lots and lots of stock available of each item. I hope by keeping our stock levels low this will result in our pieces being very special and highly sought after. As we continue to rely more and more on the world of online shopping I don’t want our customers to lose that exciting experience of walking through our shop front door. They need to be as excited about entering our virtual store as they are about entering our bricks-and-mortar store. - Anna

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Rue, July/Aug 2011: Top Tears

Those San Fran girls killed it once again with their debut Travel and International issue of Rue. I couldn't wait to share my top tear sheets: the delightfully colourful tour of Mariska Meijers' Amsterdam studio (1, 2); the 'Arabian Days' story set in the desert includes a camel(!) and a knockout tablescape (3, 4); a tour of Joanna Swanson's Stockholm apartment (5), and finally, this quirky cutlery chandelier inside the home of Ludo Lefebvre(6). What inspired you?

Prop Styling: Summer Entertaining

Styled by Will Taylor | Photography by James Balston
Here are two summer entertaining stories I recently styled - a Mediterranean-inspired tablescape for the adults and an ice cream party for the little ones. My inspirations behind each tablescape where of summertime memories of years gone by, from family holidays in sun-soaked Greece to cold, refreshing ice creams enjoyed after long bike rides. It was the memories from family vacations to Greece that imprinted on my inspirations most: aqua blue hues of the Mediterranean Sea; the comforting scent of cut flowers from our villa's terrace garden; white washed wooden surfaces and the ornate, mix and match textiles of taverna tabletops. What inspires you about summertime?

Monday 25 July 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Loved this handmade papier mache vase I saw in Anthropologie.
2. Fun Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter mug (my addiction with mugs continues...!).
3. Tempted to buy some of these typewriter notecards by Kate Spade.
4. My new Nyponros bedding is super soft (love the graphic blue and white stripe, too).
5. Jayson Home and Garden get it spot on again with their Nola lamp.
6. Yep, I'm still partial to a pair of striped socks.
7. A modern guide to small batch canning? I need this book!
8. A Saturday afternoon spent crafting is a lovely way to relax.
9. Loving these vintage American soda crates from Pedlars.
10. I've fallen hard for this charming antique Bantam typewriter.

Sunday 24 July 2011

Sunday's Bright Links No.45: Motor Oil Vases & Filled Jars

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This seafood party looked like a whole lotta fun (beautifully photographed, too).
Some lovely mint green colour inspiration.
Congratulations to Aron and Ashley on the birth of beautiful baby Hudson.
Throwing a little soiree? Rock this electric blue colour scheme.
Loved this 'how to tie a bow tie' graphic.
Pattern making.
Fantasy to fete: Taco night.
Loved seeing sweet paul's attributes.
Garage makeover.

Saturday 23 July 2011

Happy Weekend: Baking Brilliance!

This past week has been non-stop with so many Christmas in July press shows/breakfasts/drinks that my feet have barely touched the floor. After charging back and forth across the City countless times a day I'm really looking forward to a quiet weekend. Nothing fancy, just quality time at home catching up on some of the things I love to do in my downtime. Sewing, baking, cooking and catching up on Gossip Girl (very important!) are all on the agenda. What's on your weekend list, folks?

Friday 22 July 2011

Debenhams' Key A/W 2011 Trends

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In a recent interview with the Independent I mentioned how many department stores on the UK high street are improving their homeware offering with more trend-led ranges and stylish basics. Debenhams is a case in point of this, their A/W 2011 collection comprises of four very different themes, all stylish in their own right. I've named them Ruby Romantic, City Slicker, Classic Graphic and Country Casual - which theme would you buy from? For me, it's a two horse race between the urban feel of City Slicker and the pack-a-punch patterns seen in Classic Graphic (I love that mug!). As always at department stores, they key is to choosing carefully, sift through the ranges until you find a hidden gem. Debenhams, for example, excells in the textiles area, so I've pulled together my top cushion market picks, with great buys for the playroom, study, bedroom and beyond. Do you have a top pillow pick?

NEW! Crown Vintage Paints

Crown paint have recently released a new range of 30 vintage paints that were inspired by music, fashion, film, art and design. Created in association with renowned British designers, Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway, the new range of Crown paints reflect iconic themes and trends in popular culture from the 1940s to 1980s. The names, too, nod to eras been and gone with colourways taking names such as Chelsea Girl, Bell Bottoms and Free Love! I'm delighted to see this new range of Crown paints on the market, and if you like what you see then you can buy them online or in store at Homebase.

Thursday 21 July 2011

Three Inspirations: Antique Desk / Tiles / Sophisticated Brights

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Today I'm feeling inspired by the wanderlust of that view from the turquoise antique desk (which is also rather lovely). Growing up in the countryside, overlooking rolling fields and a working farm, the thought of writing at that desk fills me with nostalgia. Next up is this wall of beautifully weathered, mint green tiles, which paired with the dark wood of the door and old photographic prints makes for a winning space. Finally, this drawing room is an excellent example of how to use bold, primary brights without losing sophistication. Which of these three inspire you most?
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