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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Happy Weekend: Bedroom Bliss!

I've always liked the idea of having a shelf behind the headboard of my bed, not just for aesthetic reasons but because it makes good use of 'dead' space, too. I like the eclectic, cluttered styling of the shelf here because it adds depth and layering to the space - it's refreshing to see a bedroom where something other than the headboard becomes the focal point. The sumptuous linens generously layered upon the bed soft the vintage-industrial feel, bringing a much needed tactile element to the room. I could certainly do with a weekend here to rest! Do you have fun plans this weekend, folks?


  1. My weekend consists of having my husband & 3 kids home for the first time all summer holiday just hanging loose at home. We love your posts and both my boys (16 and 14) aspire to the 'shelf behind the headboard' malarky.

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  3. My hubby and I and our 2 kids are off to a resort for a mini break.

    Lisa x

  4. This room looks fabulous! Love the industrial and contemporary vibe.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  5. Just waking from 8 hours of blissful sleep thanks to my new, crisp, white MATCHING bed linen. It's the little things! And today I shall be erecting a similar shelf bought yesterday at ......sssshhh.......Ikea, on which to display all kinds of postcards and photographs and the things I love to look at. Clever shelves indeed. Have a great weekend. Mel

  6. Lovely picture. Hope you feel great, happy weekend!

  7. I want my bedroom to look exactly like that. Done! I have some projects to finish up but tomorrow, I'm going a party called SUMMERTRAMP in downtown, sounds wild, it'll be fun. Have an awesome weekend, you!

  8. this is my sort of thing (minus the style of sheets)!


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