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Monday, 25 July 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Loved this handmade papier mache vase I saw in Anthropologie.
2. Fun Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter mug (my addiction with mugs continues...!).
3. Tempted to buy some of these typewriter notecards by Kate Spade.
4. My new Nyponros bedding is super soft (love the graphic blue and white stripe, too).
5. Jayson Home and Garden get it spot on again with their Nola lamp.
6. Yep, I'm still partial to a pair of striped socks.
7. A modern guide to small batch canning? I need this book!
8. A Saturday afternoon spent crafting is a lovely way to relax.
9. Loving these vintage American soda crates from Pedlars.
10. I've fallen hard for this charming antique Bantam typewriter.


  1. That typewriter took my breath away. How could you not feel inspired every time you sat to compose something with those bright keys? Wonderful as always Will. Hope your weekend was wonderful, and wishing you a great week ahead!

  2. love that you can sew Will and that you make the time to enjoy it.

  3. I always look forward to your Sunday posts Will, such a great collection of colorful, lovely things :)


  4. Wonderful post, Will. Your's is one of my most favorite places in blogland.

    Sending a big Texas hug...

  5. Your bedding is begging me to come over and burrow underneath all of that blue and white. I'm pretty small though, you won't even notice I'm there, promise!

  6. Looove that American soda crates!!

  7. you always put together the most loving collection of images!

    what were/are you crafting?

  8. you've just hooked me with that lamp! donna

  9. @Jenna - It was they coloured keys that caught my eye, too!

    @Heather, Splenderosa - Thank you

    @Kayla - Come on in, we'll stick some classic films on and have a proper movie night!

    @Judy - Ditto!

    @Michael, Helena - Trying out a fabric vase DIY I saw on pinterest!

    @Donna - You have to buy it as it's, well, a perfect grey ;)

  10. Look at you, sewing!!!!! So awesome :) Also, I love those vintage soda crates!!

  11. Love the typewriter! It's very unique and charming. And those typewriter notecards are pretty as well.

    Always love your wonderful picks!


  12. you are amazing! love the lamp and bedding.

    love from sf.

  13. Very impressed with your sewing skills! (and the stripes!)

  14. I alllllmost bought that SAME bedding at Ikea this weekend in Atlanta! I had it in my hands and put it back at the last minute, in favor of a striped rug for the kitchen. That is crazy. I also visited Zara for the first time and thought of your recommendation.


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