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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Happy Weekend: Baking Brilliance!

This past week has been non-stop with so many Christmas in July press shows/breakfasts/drinks that my feet have barely touched the floor. After charging back and forth across the City countless times a day I'm really looking forward to a quiet weekend. Nothing fancy, just quality time at home catching up on some of the things I love to do in my downtime. Sewing, baking, cooking and catching up on Gossip Girl (very important!) are all on the agenda. What's on your weekend list, folks?


  1. This picture makes me want to dive in to some baking too! The only problem is there's only me and my other half to enjoy it and we'll eat far too much.

  2. Umm tidying Mila's bedroom, maybe do a bit of painting and chilling out. These past few weeks have been crazy for us too between travelling, shooting the new catalogue (I'll send you a sneak peek next week!)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Gorgeous photo, Will! We are positively booked today with a magnanimous lobster bake at a lovely old estate in Freeport, Maine. We are hoping the weather holds. Tomorrow we just might clamber in to our kayaks for a paddle around some of our favorite secluded islands in Casco Bay. Enjoy what sounds like a tres fabulous and refreshing weekend for you!
    xo Geneva

  4. I don't get Christmas in July?
    Glad you can just relax and do the things that make you happy :)

  5. When did we get to the age when weekends were for resting instead of partying ;)

  6. Baking timeeee <3 I think we all decided for a peaceful weekend - doing thinks that we love :) I will probably paint some new paintings for my upcoming shop, do some sports and have lot of coffee breaks ( must ) & reading for sure :) ox

    - Urska @

  7. no wonder we get along! sewing, baking, cooking AND gossip girl. damn, sounds perfect to me [minus the fact that I'm not there with you] enjoy!

  8. I'll be at the beach with my family, with a good book and sipping on lemonade.

    Lisa x

  9. gosh i really want to bake something after seeing this photo of yours!! my plans include doing a whole lot of packing for my upcoming move! happy weekend to you ~ love your blog!
    xo ~ kristina

  10. Love the photo. love baking. Just moved into a new lil' beach house, so I haven't backed anything yet! But, you're making me want to run out and stock the kitchen - thanks for the inspiration.


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