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Wednesday 27 July 2011

Exclusive First Look: Anna Spiro's Online Concept Store

I'm delighted to welcome Anna Spiro to Bright.Bazaar today to walk us through her new, online concept store that launches tomorrow. Anna has an incredible talent for decorating with colour and pattern, so without further ado, I'll hand you over to the lady herself...
First and foremost I am a designer and I wanted our online store to reflect that. I wasn’t happy to have an online store which was filled with mass-produced product page after page. It was important to do something which was more than that for our customers. My thoughts were that I should put together a collection of special things in our online store the way I would put them together in a home so that customers could be inspired and excited about seeing our pieces beautifully arranged.
Therefore, each season we will be presenting a new online vignette which will showcase a collection of unique items available for purchase which I have hand selected and pulled together. Each vignette will comprise of a mixture of one-off vintage/collectable items, custom made items and other limited edition pieces. For example in our first vignette which is for Winter 2011 we have a beautiful armchair, a hall table, a coffee table, a lamp, cushions, vases etc. Some of those items will be one-off and some we will only have limited stocks available. I really want to showcase items in our store which are very special, unique and of high quality and once sold out it is our intention not to repeat items.
The way in which we are going to present the store is the most exciting part. Each season {Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn and maybe a few other special dates in between like Christmas and Easter} we will upload a beautiful image of our selected goods for that season which I have put together in a room scene/vignette. Each item which is for sale in the photograph will have a number on it and you will basically be able to click on the number and then you will be directed to a full description of the item including the price, the size, how many we have available and see some more close-up images of the piece. Then you can either add it to your cart or continue shopping in the room - it’s as simple as that.
I think my only advice to our customers is – if you want to buy something then you will need to be very quick and very decisive as there isn’t going to be lots and lots of stock available of each item. I hope by keeping our stock levels low this will result in our pieces being very special and highly sought after. As we continue to rely more and more on the world of online shopping I don’t want our customers to lose that exciting experience of walking through our shop front door. They need to be as excited about entering our virtual store as they are about entering our bricks-and-mortar store. - Anna


  1. Anna Spiro has a beautiful style and it's very exciting to see her release such as innovative and creative online store! (And she's Australian, yay!)

  2. Wow, such an interesting way to do online shopping without losing the store's uniqueness. I hope it has the same effect on me as my trip to Black & Spiro in Brisbane (my heart nearly stopped beating!).

  3. Looking forward to checking out the shop as soon as it "opens"! Love the side table and lamp in the first pic too.

  4. Anna has such bright fun and beautiful items!! I am so excited about her pop up store!


    Art by Karena

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  5. Love that pretty and unique chandelier!


  6. Oh Will - you found Anna! Super.

  7. I adore Anna! This concept is fantastic. I already have that pink heart pillow on my wishlist! Thanks for this, Will!

  8. Loved the peek! Can't wait for the launch!

  9. i love her store, I wish I could visit one day. Everything is beautifully curated and really gorgeous! Cant wait for the online shop!

  10. I am so excited that she is finally going to have an online store!

  11. Lucky you for scooping up this exclusive interview :)

  12. That pink heart pillow is adorable, so exciting to hear about her shop!

  13. I simply love your blog! It is gorgeous and so funky. It's always nice to discover something fresh and creative. Look forward to reading a lot more of your work.


  14. I have just visited Anna's new store and was so impressed! I love the concept and am swooning over all of the loveliness in her store! xx

  15. A huge thank you to you Will for featuring our new online store here at Bright Bazaar!

    You are the BEST!!!!!!! Love your blog as alway!


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