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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Three Inspirations: Art Wall, Graphic Paper & Wooden Beams

In the last few days these three images have really inspired me. As you might know I am currently creating an art wall for our dining area wall (I painted the wall navy blue in preparation last weekend), and this eclectic and colourful collection of art has certainly inspired some of the next steps. As for that graph wallpaper? I love it! Graphic, modern and stylish - plus, as it's not too strong it makes a great background for brighter colours and striking furniture; I like how it frames the four poster bed. Finally, this florist's space has these charming beams which have a cosy, rustic and romantic feel (the latter is possibly encouraged by the twinkling white lights adorning them, but still!). What's inspiring you today, friends?
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  1. Groupings of hats used in decor! Love the wood beams.

  2. I'm finding coral to be a particularly inspiring colour this year. It's inspired my new blog layout, my spring clothing purchases, and the things I like the most on blogs and pinterest :) I'm on a 'black overhaul/embrace the colour mission', and my fervor for this colour is really helping me out with that :)

  3. navy? how intriguing. you're making me think about painting a wall...hmmmm...
    i'll first work on my furniture arrangement, or re-arrangement.
    the last thing to inspire me were the colors worn by a woman on the street (navy shoes, black pants, yellow-y green sweater and rich purple purse).

  4. it's because i used to despise when art was hung salon style...something to do with working in art galleries and being taught that art needs "space to breathe." but then i saw an exhibition at the art gallery of ontario where all the art was hung the way it is in that first picture and i kind of fell in love with it. the way it looked all cramped and mis-matched was so enticing and i was riveted. thanks for reminding me of it!

  5. Ooh I do love those wooden beams! Jenny from Little Green notebook wanted to display her collection of buttons on her art wall so she sewed them onto fabric in stripes of coordinating colors and framed it. I looked lovely! Just passing on the inspiration :)

    -Forever Lovely

  6. oh how funny! i just saw that last picture today when i was surfing a photog's portfolio. btw, i just ADORE grid wallpaper -- such a great idea. clean and organized, yet really unique.

  7. Loving the idea of the Navy wall, can't wait to see that. The wooden beams image is stunning.

    What's inspiring me - Holly's new book - Decorate. My copy arrived a few days ago and loving every page!


  8. @ VentureLane - Coral is a lovely hue, especially for spring. I love how you've teamed it with mint green.

    @ editor - On my morning commutes I always look out for colourful fashions. It makes me smile when I see colourful pops of colour in people's outfits. As for painting - I say: go for it!

    @ Forever Lovely - Thanks for that tip, I need to check out that button and fabric combo, sounds brill.

    @ Happysnapshots - The grid wallpaper is my fave as well. Wish we were allowed to wallpaper in our rental!

    @ Keren - Decorate is such a great book. I love all the quotes throughout it - a great decorating resource. Happy reading!

  9. I'm in love with the third picture! I love the lightbulbs attached to them... great inspiration :) Atlanta Bartlett is inspiring me right now, so obsessed.

  10. Great idea of the Navy wall, can't wait to see the finished one. The second images and the wooden beams image are stunning!!!

  11. @ el - I like the lightbulbs as well; they complete the space by adding interest and charm.

    @ SheMel - The florist's space is really inviting and cosy - glad you like it!

  12. The graphic walls are really great!! So creative and original. Interestingly, the blue ladder in the first picture really caught my attention haha ;)

    Belly B

  13. I'm in the middle of working on an art wall for the stairwell of our new home, so this post is TOTAL inspiration for me. Thx for sharing!! xo

  14. The florist's looks beautiful, I think the lights (and flowers) make it all look magical.

    Today I feel inspired to do a few little things like wrap my ugly wire hangers in fabric to perk them up. :)

  15. I am intrigued by the grouping of artwork, emblazoned with the repeating shape. Great arrangement. Look forward to your navy art wall!

  16. The florists space is divine! So inviting!

    Our art wall is still a work in progress, i ordered a cool vintage postcard of Durban (Johns home town) from ebay the other day! Its fab! xx

  17. @ Belly B - The blue hue of that ladder is brilliant.

    @ Camille - Thank you!

    @ Amy and Rachie - I agree, the florist's is magical.

  18. Oh my gosh that sweet retail space is so dreamy. I am such a huge fan of natural wood, it is so charming.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo, Will!!

  19. Ok I officially CANNOT wait to see it finished Will, will definitely be amazing!
    are you renting? so lucky to be able to paint it blue!!

  20. WILL I cant WAIT to see it! I KNOW its going to be stunning. everything you touch usually is..
    And Gosh how I am LOVING blue walls right now! You must have quite an art collection.
    manvi @ mochatini

  21. @ Liz, Helena, Mochatini - Thank you!


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