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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Elle Decoration, June 2011 - Get set for summer!

Without doubt this is the best issue from the Elle Decoration team in quite some time. The 'get set for summer' issue does exactly that: It helps set up your home for summer by providing decorating ideas for the warmer months ahead. From new summer colour palettes to light and airy home tours, the pages are filled with inspirational ideas for updating your home and improving the way you live both indoors and outdoors. Yep, as well as their usual decorating news, the team have included an idea-packed feature on creating a beautiful garden space whether you wish to host alfresco dinners or just relax in the sunshine. Another favourite spread was June's 'At Home With', which features the colourful home of textile designer Fi Douglas. Whilst we're on the subject of top notch home tours, this issue also affords us with a nose around the beautiful and delicate home of Swedish-American artist and photographer Kristin Perers. So as you can see, this sure is an issue for keeps. What stands out from the issue for you?


  1. that tall, dark & handsome layout is hitting the spot!

  2. Gorgeous! I love your style. Such beautiful colors and inspiration. I love that wallpaper that looks like tile. Genius!

    -Forever Lovely

  3. Oh so beautiful!! Please please summer come and stay for a looong time :))
    Nancy xo

  4. I am completely in love with the crusty old teal wine cabinet...what is the proper name for that amazing piece? Love the spread!

  5. Looks like a great issue ~ lots of variety too which is extra nice.

  6. i've never actually even known about elle decor until very recently -- like, last month! but i fell in love with all of it instantly. all so lovely.

  7. the outdoor shots are gorgeous..particularly of the terrace overlooking the sea..have a lovely day, visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal

  8. I want to move into Kristin Perers' home!
    Thanks for the sneaky peaks, Will and off to get my hands on a copy...

  9. how neat is that couch with the big bold floral pattern?

    and DITTO big big DITTO on the layout of the tall dark and handsome page!

  10. My favourites - the blue stairs, white lanterns outdoors (I NEVER get tired of this look) and the fantastic dining room/cellar! Hope you're having a good week, Nicolex

  11. Hey there!

    First of all, thank you for making it through my mega-long Tasmania post alive..! x

    Love the blues here - aqua, cobalt, indigo.. all so beautiful. I absolutely love that white washed outdoor space overlooking the ocean. A place for me!

    Also get giddy over distressed brick walls..especially when teamed with soaring ceiling heights and large windows..! Yum!

    And who would not kill for that wine tasting room..! LOVE!

    Hugs xx C

  12. And also - how fun aren't those black chairs in that last room!!?!

  13. wow! agreed. those tiles are amazing. and paper lanterns and a draped table are heaven outdoors. great images...donna

  14. I'm obsessed with the Cover, I want that to be my living room.

  15. Looks like a great issue! I love all the rustic pieces mixed in with the modern

  16. I adore the gorgeous floral fabric found in the couch, canvas and pillow. Such beautiful colors. I also like the tile wallpaper, it's so beautiful.

    I just love your blog, now following!


  17. Thanks for your lovely comments, I love to read with each issue what you like best - it's like we're chatting in the coffee shop about our fave pages!

    @ zakka nouveau, Patience - It's a knock out page for sure! And, Patience, yes that couch is amazeballs.

    @ Forever Lovely - Thank you! Off to check your blog out now.

    @ Jennifer Jacks, Charlotta - Let's just call it the shrine to wine! Tee hee. That teal is just spot on.

    @ Matthew - It's their best cover for quite some time. Do pick up an issue if you can; you'll love it.

    @ Jessie - Thanks for following, off you check out your blog now!

  18. Love love love it all, must get myself a copy!

    The cover is a cracker :o)


  19. @ Keren - Yes, definately pick a copy up it's a cracking issue!

  20. Wow! Love the tile wallpaper!

  21. Oh I love this!!
    Thanks for congratulate my blog the other day!

  22. Definitely going out to get this - i would die for white washed decking, so beautiful! xx

  23. Love this magazine, nationwide it's the best!
    Kitty from Holland

  24. @ Rachie - I know, that white washed decking is wonderful. I love how they have drapped the tablecloth, it creates such a romantic feel.

    @ Kitty - I agree, it's such a great mag!

  25. Hey!

    I just wanted to let you know that I used one of your photos in my "inspirational images" post today :) Here's the link:


  26. I love Kristin Perers house - that arm chair, and the dining room -amazing! :)


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