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Friday 9 April 2010

{White and Wood}

Often I write about adding personality to homes through the addition of colour, from bold paints to bright accessories, but there are softer ways to add colour, warmth and texture. These images show how white spaces don't have to be minimalist and stark, instead they can be luxurious and welcoming. The day bed (1) is covered in cushions of various pale tones and textures, which adds interest and depth. Meanwhile, what is essentially a very simple scheme is brought to life with the addition of a statement chandelier. This is definitely a great way to 'lift' pale schemes - check out the light bulb chandelier (5) below for all the evidence you'll need. If you've fallen for it, you can buy it from Pottery Barn. My tip for adding warmth to these schemes is simple: lots of texture. Achieve this effect with exposed wooden surfaces (4), flooring and accessories, just like in these examples.

Images: 1, 2. West Elm; 3. Drummonds; 4. Living Etc; 5. Pottery Barn


  1. great images, will...what are your thoughts on those 'spidery' lights like in the last image...yes? no?

  2. Love these white images, so beautiful!!

  3. So pretty! I would feel like an anomaly in these rooms. Beautiful serene white rooms and then BAM! Dark haired asian chick.. lol. I love the dining room, last pic. Especially the hanging bulb chandelier! Great finds Will.

  4. I love the look and idea of the all white interiors and I tried, but honestly, I miss color - especially when it's February and snowing outside. I'm working on painting and adding lots of fun color to a white base and I'm loving it.

    Thanks for the beautiful and inspirational photos.


  5. I was going to comment about texture, but then saw your 'texture' tag - that's what stops white from being clinical, isn't it? Texture keeps thing interesting, you want to play and touch things :-)

  6. Great post, Will! Love it, and I love white. That first pic reminds me of my last apartment, which was a renovated attic-level affair, all in white and gray, with the beams showing and slanted walls -- like a white tree house, loved it. But I did not have a fab shell chandelier like that. Wow! Great choice of visuals.
    Hey, and I think you're going to like my next post, where white takes center stage. Looking forwardt to your comments on that one. :-)
    But back to your blog: Consistently very, very good; great job.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Thank you so much for all your comments, especially Michael, FringeGirl and Chantale - high praise indeed!

    A Perfect Gray - 'Spidery' lights like these look good, but only in specific schemes. For me, they look best in very simple spaces, with very high ceilings and no other statement features. Mix them with patterns and busy fabrics, and I think it would be too much.

  8. I love this white! Or, better, those whites. And it works so well wiht wooden surfaces, you're so right, and with old houses too.

  9. There is something so right about white! Thanks for pointing out what makes it work!!
    Also thanks for visiting my blog!!
    It's always nice to have you :)
    Happy Sunday

  10. Hey Massi and Terri! Thank you both for stopping by, I always enjoy seeing your comments. I'm glad you guys like white; it's a great backdrop for adding colour in the form of textural pieces and/or accents.

  11. Will - what a fabulous collection of inspring white interiors.. They really are admirable, but as much as I love to look at them, I am not so sure I could live in them..

    you have a wonderful blog... i'll be back soon..


  12. I really have a thing for white interiors. The entire house looks clean and fresh. Love the slightly rustic look in some of these images as well.


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