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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Holiday Decorating In Mr. Bazaar's Kitchen

Remember how I talked about this West Elm kitchen inspiring my holiday decorating last weekend? Well, I took heed of my inspirations and decided to bring some festive cheer into my own kitchen. I swapped out some of the non-holiday pieces (shared here last month) on my freestanding kitchen unit for some quintessential Christmas finds. I've not reinvented the holiday decorating wheel here, but simply stuck to the tried and tested classics for the season: think candy candy red and white stripes, playful polka dots and whimsical Scandi touches. For me Christmas is the time of year we can all embrace the kid within us, after all wasn't it the most magical time of year when you were growing up? With this in mind I always try to include some charming youthful touches to my decorating, hence the lovely Pixie I bought in Copenhagen. (In fact, a friend I was travelling with joked that I had to buy it because I had worn nothing but an array of fairisle jumpers for the whole trip!) That said, I've still kept the look practical because this is a working space. With minimal foliage and no lights, I used everyday items from within the red palette and stripe or polka dot patterns to create a cohesive look. Meanwhile, leaving free space in the centre means I can still use the surface for food preparation. I'm smitten with how this corner of my kitchen has turned out! What do you think, friends?
// Styling & photography by Will Taylor

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Colour Palette: Rustic Kitchen Diner

If I ever need reminding of just how powerful colour can be in an interior space, then this would be the room to do it. Why? Well, take a moment to imagine this space without the weathered green factory pendant or the rustic blue stool and rug. Without them, I believe the space would be lifeless and seriously lacking in depth. The green pendant provides a visual break between the pale wooden dining furniture and the white cabinetry behind; this is important addition because it brings depth, while also drawing the eye down to the focal point of the room. Meanwhile, the texture and colour added through the blue Tolix stool and rug bring warmth to the milky white base palette. I love the subtle addition of purple through the blooms, too - green and purple are such a great combination! What do you like about this space?
// Skona Hem

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Store Tour: Folklore, London

There's been a lot of buzz about Folklore - a new London store that opened in the past few months - so a couple of weeks ago Mr. Bazaar grabbed his camera and hot-footed it to Upper Street, Islington to see inside the store for himself! Inside, the shop feels welcoming and cosy thanks to stacks of layers and rustic textures; it feels like the perfect store for the autumnal season with lashings of warm wood and piles of cosy linens. I admired the subtle way owners, Danielle Reid and her husband Rob, had worked colour into the relatively calm and pared-back palette. Yet throughout the space there are flashes of neon hues mixed with opulent gold and rich noir finishes, which add depth and visual interest. Folklore work with a range of designers and makers to curate their environmentally friendly product assortment. In fact, all the products are either handmade, antique, made from recycled or found materials or easily recyclable at the end of their life. It's refreshing to see a store embrace this ethos in such a transparent (and stylish!) manner. You should drop into the shop in person as the friendly shop assistants are more than happy to explain the provenance and story behind each product. And if you're not in London, they ship internationally from their online store, too! Anything catching your eye?
// Photography by Will Taylor

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Mr. Bazaar Goes On A Boat Trip With IKEA!

Whenever I talk to someone about IKEA they always have a special memory associated with the brand. Perhaps it was the joy of taking a friend to the store for the first time and seeing their amazement at the sheer vastness of it all, or maybe they remember the excitement of their trip to kit out their student digs or first home. Either way, I think it's true that many of us have some affiliation to IKEA; the expansion of their premium PS range - which features IKEA design classics from the last 60 years - can only lengthen this relationship.

Well, last week I was lucky enough to experience IKEA's temporary floating market which they created on boats along the Regent's Canal in London. After passing through a striking monochrome themed tent decked out with their latest fabric designs and Lappljung collection (you can see more of that collection here, if you like) I jumped onto a boat and I was off on my colour adventure. As we floated down the river and passed each colour themed boat, I learned that IKEA is placing a big emphasis on personalisation this season; whether it's mix and matching different coloured doors onto a storage unit, or painting a chest of drawers, they want people to feel inspired to make pieces their own. I tried to take some snaps as we went around but as we were floating and moving it was hard to get great shots, but I hope you feel you were able to join me in spirit on this fun event! Which boat catches your eye most, friends?
// Photography by Will Taylor | First & last shots by IKEA

Friday, 14 September 2012

Home Tour: Relaxed Swedish Country Style

As much as I enjoyed the heat of last weekend in London, I'm also looking forward to the cosy days of Autumn that stretch out ahead. This country home in Sweden feels so perfect for this new season as layers of comfortable textiles are generously applied throughout the space. Plus, the red and white colour palette in the kitchen area (which actually flows more subtly through the rest of the home - see the bedspread and rug in the living room) feels festive and gently evocative of the holiday season. I always admire homeowners who embrace colour and pattern with stylish abandon, and this is one such example where both elements are used in abundance without going overboard. My favourite room is the living room, where the generous helping of natural light has been tempered with layers of linens, interesting artworks and up-cycled palette furniture, in turn keeping the space cosy and inviting. What do you like about this home?
// Photography by Lina Ostling for Hus & Hem

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Black, White & Yellow Colour Inspiration

The great thing about colour is how it can dramatically change the feel of a home, expressing the owner's personality in the process. Yesterday's post on pastel and neon hues showed us how to create a light, bright and bold scheme, whereas today we're turning the tables with a brooding and dramatic colour palette. Equally as striking but for different reasons, this black, white and yellow colour scheme from the forthcoming issue of Heart Home Magazine feels perfect for the autumnal days that lie ahead. The palette feels might be dramatic, deep and daring but it's also cosy, comforting and inviting as the deep tones are warmed with splashes of yellow. In fact, this is a fine example of how to use an accent shade to keep a room interesting. By visually breaking the darker base colours with the yellow accessories, the eye has a focal point which in turn anchors the rest of the space. I don't know about you but I'm excited to see the rest of Heart Home's issue when it launches later today. P.S. Isn't that typewriter such a beauty? Mr. Bazaar loves!
// Styling by Elkie Brown | Photography by Jon Day for Heart Home Magazine

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Happy Weekend: Adding Colour With Textiles

Weekends are so good for the soul, don't you agree? I think we all need those two days where we can take time to restore our batteries and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty as charged when it comes to working over the weekend but I always relish the opportunity of a work-free weekend. And that's exactly what I have planned this weekend as I'm going to help my mum shop for some pieces to style up her kitchen, take a country walk and bake some cookies. I find a lot of inspiration and calm in these simple tasks - in fact I'm heading into the weekend feeling super inspired by the dining room of Fjeld Borg. I love how playful and uplifting hues have been added as accents to the monochrome scheme through textiles and books. Plus, a string of circus lights always goes down well with Mr. Bazaar! What are you weekend plans, friends? I hope you have something inspiring on the cards.
// Fjeld Borg

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Palette Addict: Black, White & Grey

Black and white will always be the classic colour combination for the ultimate chic scheme, but throw some grey into this masculine mix and the look takes on a whole new edge. For me, this monochromatic scheme feels soothing and the essence of calm. Sometimes you see pictures in magazines of austere monochrome schemes, yet this space feels far from clinical and I believe it's all thanks to the grey mid tones. I like how grey has been introduced as an accent hue amongst the dominant black and white, yet because it's been added to the room's statement piece - the sofa - it plays an important role in breaking up the graphic patterns that surround it. In fact, that couch can come home with me right away - I love it! Do you like monochrome decor schemes?
// Deborah Moir for AMM

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Happy Weekend: Felix Forest Photography

I was speaking with a friend the other day and we both agreed how we are still amazed at the inspiration one can find daily by clicking through the Internet. Personally, I still can't get over how lucky we are to be able to discover inspiring creatives and their work each and everyday. So, what could be a more perfect way to kick off the weekend than by doing just that, namely with the photographic work of Felix Forest. Felix is a top notch photographer based in Australia and he regularly shoots for one of my favourite interiors titles, Real Living. Let's meet him through three quick questions, shall we?

What journey did you take into professional photography?
I started shooting with my first camera when I was 13, first with an interest was to ‘document’ things but my love for photography was confirmed when I read the book Rapporteurs de guerre by French war photographer Patrick Chauvelnot. I'm not a war photographer but I have a fascination for calm and destruction, and my art series often have elements of it. I had a conventional education in France that didn’t involve much creativity apart from drawing classes as I was studying a bachelor of Economics and Finance, so I started taking black and white film processing classes before I started assisting other photographers.

What keeps you inspired?
Photography is an ever learning passion, it keeps inspiring me as each door you open leads to ten new doors and it keeps unfolding and each idea leads to another one and another one. My partner Dina Broadhurst has a background in Interior Design and I am very lucky to be able to work with her regularly as we find interest in very similar creative enterprises.

OK, I think your work rocks so please do shout about who you've shot for...
My work has appeared (or will appear soon!) in Vogue Living, Inside Out, Belle, Real Living, Vogue Australia, Grazia, Grand Designs, Habitus, Vogue Brazil, and COUCH. I also shoot for advertising clients including, IKEA, Coco Republic, Murobond, Broached Commission, Fenton and Fenton, MCM House, Baye and Fyfe.

Thanks, Felix! Have a lovely Saturday, friends. I'll see you here tomorrow for some of my favourite links I've read this week.
// Photography by Felix Forest
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