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Friday 19 March 2010

{Colourful interiors advertising}

This advert is wonderful. I've got to give it to the ad agency, Leo Burnett who created the campaign because I would never usually think to go to Homebase for interior accessories. Now, however, I'm seriously tempted. I love how halfway through all the spaces come together and hundreds of different lights are illuminated. The colourful bridge is lots of fun too. It's a little like a stage set, just inside a train station instead of a theatre. Given the fantastic IKEA campaign running in Paris at the moment and now this work from Homebase, it seems there's plenty of interest around engaging consumers in the home sector. This is no bad thing; here's to more creative interiors advertising please!


  1. Actually I think the budget end of home furnishing are uping their game recently, I think people on the whole expect more for their money these days but don't want to cut on quality and style, so places like home base, b&q, and other cheaper end high street stores are giving us more for our hard earned cash. Which is a good thing.

  2. this is a really creative ad campaign...

    thanks for sharing...

  3. Very creative, love the bridge!

  4. Its great what advertising can do.


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