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Friday 19 March 2010

{Brook Farm General Store}

This place is so lovely that I would like to move in. I don't care if it's a store and not a home, look how cosy it is! Plus, with stock that lovely why would I want to leave? The lovely guys from the Brook Farm General Store sum up their place brilliantly. So, in their own words, here's what they are all about:

Located just under the Williamsburg Bridge, in Brooklyn, NY, Brook Farm General Store is a modern general store offering a wide range of old and new items. From the most humble scrub brush to the most luxurious linen sheets, all of our products are useful, simple and timeless.

Useful, simple and timeless...I'm.In.Love. Happy Friday, everyone!

Images (top to bottom): Inside the store; Stainless Steel Straws; Anglepoise Original 1227; Wire Magazine Rack; Organic Goose - all Brook Farm General Store


  1. It looks amazing, I second your thoughts of wanting to move in (although I know within an hour I would have it looking like a messy state, I have a mess making superpower)

  2. i'm definitely going to make a trip here next time i'm in new york!

  3. That stripy legged goose as near as dammit melted my hard, hard heart.

    And you're not alone in wanting to move into shops - Liberty in London had an open evening type thing a couple of weeks ago and I was considering ducking under a table until everyone had gone home...

  4. Hey Kate and Rashmi C, lets all move in it will be fun!!

    Just checked out your blog, Renee - love it.

  5. Love that lamp, I want a black one to go with my tea chest that I picked up from a charity shop,(even if I do think she saw me coming and chared £15) yes a black one would look fab!


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