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Monday 22 March 2010

{Colour inspiration: Orange}

Orange is a great way to add zing to a room and can either be used extensively for a loud and vibrant look (image 1), or as a bold accent to lift an otherwise muted scheme (7). My favourite use of orange is the solid wall of orange tiles in the kitchen below (4); I think it's vibrancy would be wonderfully uplifting first thing, warming in the winter and suitably bright during the summer months. The berries (2) are a great example of how to use orange accents, whilst simultaneously maintaining a pretty and feminine scheme - this is often hard to do with such a masculine colour, so definitely use orange hues sparingly if this is the look you are after.


  1. Wow, I love the splash back from the last image. And even though it's not the kind of thing I'm usually drawn to, I can't seem to take my eyes of the kitchen in image 4!

  2. Ooh, I love orange...I haven't used it in my home yet but I do plan to...I love #3 a little bit country orange!
    Great post.

  3. orange is one of my fav colours to use in the home. i have a big wall in my loft painted orange and i love it! it's 'nike shoe box orange' as my boyfriend calls it!

  4. Love Orange!!! Instant mood lifter!!

  5. I really love image # 3. Its a really nice space and the colours work perfect for me!

  6. Wasn't it Jonathan Adler who said that you MUST add orange to every room. Looks like he's right!

  7. Thanks for all your comments guys - great to hear your thoughts on orange.

    Yes, Michelle, JA did say that. These images defo prove that he was right!

    froulala, Ruby and Renee - Orange is one of my favourite colours as well!

    Darcy - It's great how orange can surprise you, hey? Love the orange in image 4; it's my favourite!

    Beach Vintage - The orange in image 3 is lovely and soft, but warming at the same time - would look good in a beach house I think.

  8. Wow, you know, that spotty splash back is pretty fabulous! Good topic today - Orange is badly misunderstood...

  9. Picture 4 is totally what I'm going for in my new kitchen - same floor too! I like the way the worktops mirror the floor too. Definitely something to think about as I haven't chosen everything for definite yet...

  10. Heather - the splashback is so cool in orange! I agree, orange is badly misunderstood - I love it, such a fantastic colour.

    Li - we share the same favourite image - great isn't it!

  11. LOVE the Orange!! I did an orange/red/yellow color-wash in my formal dining room and it looks fantastic (bragging a little...) It blended so well that it looks almost leathery...and I did the whole thing, from taking down pics to priming, to painting (more than three coats color-washed with a sponge) and put the entire room back together--in one day!!
    I also have a subdued peachy-orange on one wall of my bonus room where I work out. The other three walls are a subdued turquoise-blue. Sounds odd, but looks awesome!!

    Thanks for showcasing this under-rated color!!

    I'll have to post some pics of my dining room on my blog!!

    I'll be back for more decorating tips & tricks!!

  12. I fell in love with the Astrid Chair from Anthroplogie. Since I can't afford that I saved it as my desktop and drew up a whole living room based off of that chair.

    So happy to find others who love orange as much as I do! I got an old metal filing cabinet and painted it bright orange. It makes me smile everyday even though my boyfriend still eyes it suspiciously.


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