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Tuesday 23 March 2010

{Marmite homeware: Love it or hate it?}

I love it on toast, but having the iconic Marmite logo gracing my kitchenwares...I'm not too sure. I definitely think these are fun to look at, and are certainly an easy way to add a pop of colour, but there's something a bit 'forced' about them. The splash of yellow on the handle of the Dualit toaster (below) is a nice touch, however I'm still hankering after the bright yellow one that was created to celebrate 100 years of Selfridges. Do you love or hate these Marmite-themed accessories?

Images: Marmite


  1. I do not hate them, but I don't think I would love to have them in my kitchen ;-) And for sure I prefer the bright yellow toaster.

  2. I have to agree with you - they're a little forced. It'd be different if they'd released vintage tins they used to sell (a la OXO) but this seems a bit much.

  3. Agree. Not a fan. I think I'd rather just have the classic jar of marmite itself displayed on a kitchen shelf.... Even though I don't like eating it either! :)

  4. never seen or heard of this. am i crazy or in the wrong country? :D

  5. I'm with the rest of you - yes in a jar, trying a bit too hard on toasters/storage jars/megs etc.

    When are we going to storm the factory?

  6. That should of course say mugs. I'm still ready to swipe them from the shelves in an angry fashion though.

  7. Not a fan. It actually looks like something you'd win in a competition.

  8. So glad you're all with me on the dislike team! You all have very good taste ;)

  9. I like the storage tin, I think it is funny and discret... but the toaster and the cups are way too much for me!! ^_^


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