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Wednesday 24 March 2010

{Colour Inspiration: Purple Mannequin}

A simple shop mannequin. Painted purple. Funny how colour inspiration can come when you're not expecting it (thanks, ParisDailyPhoto). This colour would look fantastic as a statement in a bathroom; achieve this look by painting a freestanding bath in the bright purple hue, or tile one wall in the colour. If going for the later then I'd suggest doing tiling behind the bath or in the shower area as it will serve to frame the key pieces of the room.

Image: Eric Tenin


  1. I have a half mannequin that I bought a few years ago, a torso (nick named skinny lizzy) to use for displaying clothes that I sold on ebay, but I was recently toying with the idea of attching her to the bedrrom wall (she has a flat back)and displaying all my necklaces on her, my Hubby though, thought I was a litle mad, but I think she would look good spary painted!

  2. What a lovely idea! I think you should go for it!


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