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Tuesday 8 November 2011

Home Tour: Colourful & Vintage Swedish Space

You can almost always count on those Swedish folks to get colour just right, with this Boras home proving a fine example. The space is full of flea market finds, often in beaten, weathered hue of sepia, gun metal and brown, which creates a rustic feel against the modern all white colour base. Interior designer and owner of the home Jonanna Flyckt adds a third element that runs throughout the space: colourful accessories. Mixed with her love for all things vintage, Jonanna's bright additions bring personality and playfulness to her home. I love the worn out turquoise hues of the bedroom and the mix of electric and sky blues with bright orange in the dining area and kitchen. What do you like about Jonanna's home?


  1. wow, love this house! great colors, and the chair as a bedside table reminds me carrie bradshaw's place!

  2. I can't pick just one thing! That first picture just drew me in..I love the white walls that allow all the colors to shine! I love the vintage homey feel. What program do you use for your pictures and layouts?

  3. So major. I've always loved the idea of a mix of chairs at a table. And a chair for a nightstand is SO carrie bradshaw -- to die for!

  4. gorgeous! i love the simplicity of these rooms with the splashes of colors... and of course those gorgeous silver chairs! xoxo jillian:: shabbly apple giveaway!

  5. Just perfect! Perfect colour perfect styling...thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the orange lights in the kitchen and the happy mix of chairs. Oh, those talented Swedes. ;)

  7. Love everything about this home; the rustic and vintage vibe is fab and i can never resist lime washed floors - amazing! xx

  8. Loving the mix of industrial and shabby chic, not to mention the orange and aqua.

  9. My mom is an interior designer and we were talking about how I want my new home to look ( I haven't bought it just yet) and I said I want it to be Bright.Bazzar. I absolutely love your style and am akways so inspired by your posts. I will keep you updated in the next couple of months with my ideas :p.

  10. I dig all the photos of this home and especially the vintage pieces throughout. Lovely!

  11. Will I have a soft spot for beautiful botanicals. Some day I will wallpaper a bathroom in them.

    xx - Christina

  12. That lovely bedroom just makes it smile how it's dressed in aqua. Weathered old chairs are perfect for bedside tables, love it!

  13. What a fun home! I love the mix of chairs, those gorgeous orange pendant lights and those gigantic letters :)

  14. It's like living in a gorgeous vintage store! :) Love the mix of different pieces & the neutral color palette with delicious pops of color <3 Much love, Xo

    - Urska @

  15. WOW, i absolutely love this home and all about it!
    The use of neutral base colors like white and silver,
    with the beautiful light blue touches.....
    Like you can feel the peace and quiet.

    I would move right in!

  16. This is gorgeous. I love the mismash of chairs and the bontanical prints display looks beautiful.

  17. Loving all the white floorboards and walls! And the pops of colour against them! Stuuning! xx

  18. @Blythe, Julia - I love how you referenced Carrie Bradshaw... made me smile!

    @Design Blooms - Photoshop! Yes, it does have a lovely vintage feel.

    @Jillian - The colour additions tie the whole space together, I think.

    @Jo - Perfect, indeed!

    @Janis - Mix and match chairs are always a winner in my book! :)

    @Rachel - Indeed, those floors are an ideal base for the weathered vintage pieces and colourful accents.

    @In My House - Colour and vintage... it's a winner!

    @Jenna E - Yes, please do! Sounds very exciting.

    @Cynthia, Urska - Can't beat those vintage pieces.

    @Full House, Hoola Tallulah - The botanical postcard display is stylish and interesting.

    @Anna - I need to find me some old, weathered chairs, ASAP!

    @Lisa, Vale - I think the letters are one my my fave accessories in the space.

    @Banebakken, Rachie - You are right, the space does feel calm and peaceful.

  19. THANKS I am just overwhelmed by all the nice words! Thank you hug Johanna Flyckt

  20. Those Swedes definitely know how to do the colour! Loving those orange lights and all those delightful chairs! Great post Will :)

    Abbey x

  21. So beautiful! I love the orange pendant lamps in the first shot! What a great bold of color for the kitchen!

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  22. =))) Thanks!!!! Your blog rocks=)))

  23. wow I agree with Christina! botanical hello! I must say that what I love most is the white floors, so swedish!

  24. i love the graphic letters, the bold colors and the mismatched chairs. everything works so beautifully together!

  25. Very inspiring colors! I always look after some great colors to use in my paintings :)

  26. @Johanna - Your home is so super inspiring! Thank you for letting me share it here today.

    @Abbey - Don't they just! xx

    @Allison - Those pendants are knockout! xx

    @Helena - The white floorboards are the perfect base for the vintage pieces and bright accents.

    @Rachael - The graphic letters are my fave accessory in the whole house.

    @eeli - Thanks for reading - hope the painting goes well!

  27. I know Will!
    Pinterest is addictive! And so is your site :)
    So much beauty out there!
    I bet if the world leaders would spend some minutes on Pinterest each day, there would be less war ;) xo

  28. Such colorful daring Swedes!! Finally the Gustavian whites are getting some spice.

  29. I Love this interior. It is fantastic!! Wini xo

  30. Wowzers, I love this house! I would be a very happy girl to own any of the to-die-for light fixtures or chairs in this space! Off to Pin now :)
    ~Lily from Birch + Bird
    ps...I can't comment as B+B because we're on self-hosted Wordpress...any tips?

  31. @Jeanette - Now that's a lovely thought, right there. xx

    @LiveLikeYou - You said it, sista! ;)

    @Isabel - Me too, they are full of character.

    @Wini - Thanks for stopping by! I loved the space, too.

    @The Old School Market - Pin away! I'm so addicted to Pinterest! Re: Wordpress, not so sure, sorry.

  32. Love the botanical prints! They are very pretty and charming.


  33. I love how the house feels clean and organized, even though the home is full of eclectic vintage items. That balance is hard to do!


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