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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sneak Peek: Sibella Court's New Book, Nomad

Following up A Stylist's Guide to NYC with her latest title Nomad: Bringing Your Travels Home, Sibella Court delivers a book full of colourful and diverse inspiration in the eclectic style she has become so well known for. Having travelled to Syria, Mexico, Italy, India and Japan for inspiration you can expect to find ideas for everything from door knobs and street signs to roadside shrines and household brooms. Reinforcing her approach to decorating being about rearranging and recycling rather than recreating a whole scheme, Sibella has curated an inspired collection of photographs, vignettes and mementos from her travels to ignite ideas for the reader's own homes. I found the abundance of blue hues in the Japan and Italy chapters most inspiring, but the whole book is perfect if you are looking for colour inspiration. I also really liked Sibella's ideas for Christmas decorating: inspired by Capri she created a theme that detailed sea flotsam, sea urchins, giant starfish, sea horses and more - so unique! What's inspiring you from this peek inside Sibella Court's new book?


  1. Sibella, Court and nomad...three words that completely and utterly belong together. That book will certainly be on my must buy list. Thank you for the tip off!

  2. um. it looks wonderful. can't wait to get my hands on a copy. donna

  3. I'm inspired by the rope! I just picked up a vintage industrial hanging lamp, I think I might add some rope to it! :) What a great book, it's in my amazon cart right now! :)

  4. Oooh, all that blue! Can't wait to take a look at it myself.

  5. Sibella has an eye for unearthing pieces and transforming them into something incredible. Love that idea on the update to the ikea pendant light; this book will definitely be on my wish list!

  6. This looks great and has immediately gone on my Christmas list!

    Love the idea of the Capri inspiration (I got married very near there and spent some fab days on that island!).

  7. What a lovely book. I love all the industrial recycled touches!
    Rachie xo

  8. Oh my goodness! Totaly in love with the pictures you picked from the book! Love the blue hues too!

    I've been thinking about blue and white in my apartement for next summer and the second photo where it's mixed with grey is very inspiring.

  9. @Kerry - It's my favourite book of her's to date. Defo pick up a copy when you can!

    @A Perfect Grey - Donna you are going to love it!

    @Heather Joy - Yes, the rope is lovely. In fact, the whole book is full of lovely textures.

    @La Maison Boheme - The blue hues were so inspiring - makes me want to crack out the paint brushes!

    @Rachel- Good move! You won't regret picking up a copy!

    @Hannah - Marrying in Capri! Get you! Sounds divine.

    @Rachie - The 'sea' room made me think of you! xx

  10. @Jamie - Blue and white sounds like a good move; it's a colour combo that never tires.

  11. Such an exciting find. The swatches are brilliant!

  12. ooh, just added this book to the super secret file called, "what Jenni wants for christmas" on my husbands computer!

  13. Sigh.....yes another adorable book to add to my wishlist. Modern technology is great but you can't beat a beautifully, rustic and inspiring printed book which not only looks gorgeous but smells delicious too!

  14. wowzers! Loved her first book and the peek at this is getting all the more excited for this one. Finds from travels around Asia sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing Will. Have a fab weekend.
    manvi @ mochatini

  15. Sibella is awesome and I adore her approach to interiors and styling.
    Her work in Sydney (incidentally for my husbands old class mate, Justin Hemmes) is outstanding. Her vision feels so fresh in Australia where styling tends to be a little more predictable (in my humble mind..).

    I love the blue too and she has presented it in the most tempting way.
    Also love the organic and natural elements. I adore a touch of nature in decor and Sibella does that so well.

    This book is definitely on my wish list now.

    Thanks for the tip Mr Bazaar.

    xx C

  16. Oh, this book has just popped to top place on my wish list too. I have loved and referred to her other book ETC regularly, having just moved house 6 months ago.I really like the approach she had there of showing palettes and vignettes. It looks like this one continues in a similar theme. I am insprired by the mix of textures and natural versus industrial. ( And am coveting those huge letters ! ).

  17. I love the chic but laid-back feel of those photos and the colour palettes. But that Ikea lamp customization is my favourite. So simple and effective and it would look great in almost any colour!

  18. Thanks, folks! This book is certainly worth reading - very inspirational and full of wonderful textures and colours.

  19. I love Sibella's style and eye for colour...those blues and those letters are especially calling to me! Can't wait to get my hands on her latest book!
    ~Lily from Birch + Bird

  20. Wow, what a lovey book, I can't wait to have a copy in my grasp! hugs,


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