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Sunday 7 August 2011

Sunday's Bright Links No.47: Typography & Cosy Nooks

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This video of The High Line has me itching to visit New York City again soon.
You can now get your Instagram photos made into prints.
Floral Stylist Amy Merrick has a very lovely new website.
I felt inspired by the rich, vibrant colours of this Moroccan home.
Thanks to Jan, I discovered the online magazine devoted to all things paper, Paper Runway.
Loved both the pink sofa and the bedroom wallpaper in this Swedish home.
Fancy a little Sunday DIY time? This post on making glitter magnets is where it's at!


  1. Now you got me itching to skip to NYC with that video, too! Timmy's there right now. Let's go in October?! Yeah? Bekka and IARTU will be there as well.

  2. Love those purple chairs, and yeah for instagram! Now to check out all your links. Have a nice Sunday Will!

  3. Love the 1st image!!

    Enjoy your Sunday Will ~

  4. I will make myself some green tea and spend more time backtracking.. how is it possible your blog has gotten so much more intricate, wondrous, colourful, amazing? Oh we had planned an afternoon at the Highline with the girls but they nixed the idea because they felt they were 'melting' in the sun & heat! We enjoyed Central Park instead.. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend Will! Ah, now to get me some tea..

  5. I am loving those glitter magnets! Super cute!
    Rachie xo

  6. eek! thanks for the link love, Will!

  7. Thank you for the link love, sir! That pink couch haunts my dreams. I think I'm going to buy a pink pillow to help ease the pain.


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