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Friday, 1 July 2011

Jane Packer's At Home with Flowers

At Home with Flowers | Ryland, Peters & Small | Jane Packer | Photographs by Catherine Gratwicke
Jane Packer's At Home with Flowers captivated me from the turn of the first page. The floral artist has released several books, and established Jane Packer Flowers back in 1982. Since then she has gone on to open outlets in London, New York, Seoul, Tokyo and Kuwait City, as well as flower schools in London, New York and Japan. Given this impressive resume, it will come as no surprise that throughout At Home with Flowers Jane's effortless ability to create inspiring, eye catching and quirky flower arrangements is abundantly clear. Jane demonstrates ways in which flowers can add colour, variety, wit and style to every room in the home, all of which is beautifully captured by photographer Catherine Gratwicke. The book begins with the basics, including tips on buying and caring for flowers as well as tips for picking out the most suitable vases and containers. (If you're like me you'll find the this really useful!) The second half of the book takes you on a tour of flower arrangements in every room in the house. Inside At Home with Flowers you can expect to find dramatic mantelpiece displays to architectural blooms showcased on coffee tables, and even ideas for using cut flowers in outdoor entertaining. Which of these displays from the book do you like best?


  1. I love them all, but I especially like the simple sidetable set-up as well as that eye-popping welcome. So beautiful.

  2. I love the flowers on the steps - that is such a great idea for a garden party!!

    xoxo Laura

  3. I think I may need to purchase this book. I love the colourful staircase. This is the kind of thing I am planning on doing for my wedding. I did a test run last week after a crash course on flower names from an expert!

  4. Lindas flores para esta sexta final de semana pra vc!!!

  5. Love her work...thanks for the recommendation...Happy weekend, xv.

  6. I love the idea of the flowers on the steps!! Genius!

  7. it's hard to choose - i love the cornflowers and the pink roses. love her work and your blog, which somehow is new to me!

  8. Pattern Fantastic is my fave as well, but I also quite love Pretty Scandi Style. This woman is seriously talented.
    Have a great weekend, Will!

  9. Pattern fantastic is my favorite. The bold patterned fireplace, the unexpected placements of the blooms and the lopsided vintage mirror placement looks fresh and unpredictable!



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