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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy Weekend: Relaxed Kitchen Dining

For me the weekend is all about taking stock and enjoying the quieter moments life offers us. I love to wake and enjoy a leisurely breakfast as the sun lifts in the sky, the coffee brews and a scented candle flickers in the corner of my eye. This relaxed, country breakfast nook would be the ideal place to spend such mornings. I like how the white palette has been warmed up with exposed wooden pieces and a healthy addition of textiles and rustic linens. What do you like about this dining area? Have a lovely weekend, friends!


  1. I love how the room looks so bright and airy and how the space feels so casual and inviting!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Will!


  2. I agree with you completely Will! Our ideas of a perfect weekend morning are exactly the same. Hoping to enjoy some lovely breakfasts like that this coming weekend!

  3. I like the mixture of seating. Have a great weekend Will. Nicolex

  4. I love this room! So bright and airy! I can picture myself sitting there drinking coffee & reading a book. I love that a bench was used as seating. Brilliant. xx

  5. What a clean and airy room. I love this space.

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  7. Looks so bright and inviting.

    Enjoy your weekend Will!

  8. Reminds me of my very first kitchen. I miss my old jam cupboard that looked similar to the dresser in the picture.

  9. Hello and happy weekend. X

    Yes I too am with you on the 'weekend philosophy' and love allowing things to take the time as opposed to trying to squeeze everything into a tight schedule.
    Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and in my opinion it is best enjoyed in PJs or in a swimsuit on the beach after an early morning swim. Heaven.

    Loving this kitchen. It's got that warm sunny feeling. So inviting.

    Hugs from afar

    xx Charlotta


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