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Friday, 17 June 2011

Three Inspirations: Bold Sofa / Trinkets Box / Graphic Walls

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OK, before we go anywhere let's just clarify one thing: that sofa is beautiful. Fact. Come to think of it, the artwork of Times Square (?) above it is also rather pretty, I like how it's blurred at the top and looks very different to the stereotypical artworks that are so prolific for the iconic Manhattan area. Oh, and would you believe it, the rug is also a winner with its delicate details and pink-orange hues. Let's just refer to the first inspiration as The Whole Freakin' Room. Onto number two, which is this darling trinket 'box' that has been repurposed from an old cupcake tray - nifty thinking, hey? The battered thimbles and teal thread had me hankering for some sewing time. Finally, I wanted to share this bold, graphic space as my third inspiration for the week. I remember loving the half wooden panelled wall in this home tour, but this chevron and golden yellow combo works just as well. Why not join me for a cocktail on the sofa and share which of these three inspires you and why?


  1. I was just going to say... that rug looks amazing! Orange/pink combo is one of my favorites! I def. love the bold sofa piece and the graphic wall!

  2. Sounds like a plan ;)

    What program do you use to put your inspirations together? I love all your work!

  3. #2 does it for as does the credenza in the 3rd photo! It is almost design porn!

  4. I will totally join you on that sofa with my dirty martini. I love the sofa's bright coral color and low round profile. So pretty. So unexpected.

  5. Wow! I'm in love with that first picture!! The rug/couch combo is perfection!!

  6. That sofa is AMAZING!! Also coveting the orange handbag in the third image....le sigh.

  7. that sofa is amazing!

  8. I like number two!

    So many different things!


  9. Fun!
    Im smitten too with the: The Whole Freakin' Room!!! BEAUTIFUL!

  10. That trinket tray is cute - a lovely idea and a beautiful tray - my cupcake tray certainly doesn't look like that!

  11. Gorgeous photos Will. I love that sofa too, in fact, I love that rug! What a terrific space..

  12. That rug is totally fabulous!! Would love that in my home! Very partial to the chevron stripes too!

    Happy weekend!
    Rachie xo

  13. Great post! The third one is my favorite of course because of the graphics!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  14. i love the cupcake tray ~ well because i love cupcakes, who doesn't, really, and also because i'm always in need of more space for my trinkets!! happy friday!
    xo ~ baci ~ bises ~ kristina

  15. Dying over that coral sofa!!! so inspiring! thanks for sharing Will! (also check out my new blog design if you have time!)
    xo Allison

    Spicer + Bank

  16. ooooohh my yes I would love to join you for a cheers on the sofa. wow. I can't choose... it's all major inspo. xo

  17. I found the third picture the most inspiring! I just love bold geometric patterns and the chevron did it for me. Besides my love for everything geometric, I like how it looks very similar to a chair rail design so you can have contrasting colors and a different design in one wall. If that is not inspiring and brilliant, I don't know what else is! By the way, I also love the credenza and the styling.


  18. What a fabulous sofa!!!! I love it and a love u for loving bright and bold colors!!!:D


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