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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Sunday's Bright Links No.40: Azure Blue Sea & Fresh Blooms

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My shopping column for Houzz made their homepage.
The David Stark book party looked lovely, as did Pia's.
The video 'coffee first, everything else second' is rather captivating.
On the topic of great videos, this breakfast one is worth a watch as well.
Talking shop with a florist.
'A day in the sun' is a lovely photoshoot.


  1. Hope you are feeling better, my friend. I am actually planning to share that coffee video in a post next week in celebration of my brand new gold-plated french press. Did you read the original post on Sprouted Kitchen? I've had it bookmarked for months and still think it's one of the best articulations of coffee as a stand-out simple pleasure. xo.

  2. Love the image from the top (and thank you so much for the product reco in Houzz!). I'm off to France at the end of the month to shoot some lifestyle images for our first mail order catalogue and I cant wait!

  3. Love your Houzz shopping list Will! Off to check out your other links! Hope you had a fab Sunday xo

  4. que maravilla de luz y de colores para este soleado domingo!!!!


  5. perfect picks, as always. the azure is calling my name on this gloomy day...

    are you going to regenttweet on saturday? i hope so! xo

  6. ah Will. You never fail to add a little sunshine to my day with your colorful blog. Wishing I was on that boat, in that sea right now! happy sunday x

  7. oh the water! i want to dive in so bad...

    loving your blog! found it via your comment on mine - glad we found each other!

  8. Just found your blog and am loving it. I'm a big fan of color too...Yes, beige is totally boring. :) Love the blue of the sea...I want to swim right there!

  9. Aaaahhh Will, I so love coming here. Always so full of good energy and happiness!

    Congratulations on yet another brilliant column. You really are the man about town my friend!

    Those calling cards are cute. I too make my own - part of my 'art business strategy' where everything I do is bespoke, tailormade and original.

    This is the third time I read about 'florists' here in a short period of time.. Is there a plan emerging?

    Got to run - sorry so brief.. Have mountain of packing to do.
    Am doing a give-away in a couple of days. Hope you pop in for that.


    xx C

  10. Thanks everyone for checking out this week's links! That coffee vid is pretty cool, right?!


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