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Monday, 20 June 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. The lemon yellow hues of the products at Olive & Joy.
2. This classic mini digital camera.
3. Laundry just became stylish with this basket!
4. London is beautiful even on the greyest of days.
5. Jonathan Alder has a great summer dining range this season.
6. Sometimes the simplest and cheapest tees are the best, like this one from H&M.
7. My notebook totally wants to date this pencil.
8. I morned the end of Brothers & Sisters - here's a classic dinner party scene from Nora Walkers stunning backyard.
9. This knot doorstop is just the right level of nautical.
10. Peonies look pretty even before they've come into full bloom.
Congratulations to Florence Interior who was commenter number 71 (chosen by and therefore has won the American Flags map giveaway. Please email Jen and Omar via their contact us link to organise delivery.


  1. Le sigh. No more Nora and co. It's a sad day in Pasadena and across the world. Although it's a different vibe, I fully recommend the show Parenthood. Let's chat soon.

  2. I love Olive & Joys products she's such a clever cat!

  3. I'm a fan of Olive & Joy as well.I recently bought one of her happy yellow tea towels. So cute.Love your peonies and the shot of beautiful London!

  4. Will,
    You continue to touch my style "soul". I don't know which is my favorite because there's too many to choose from. However, stripes and peonies always tend to put a smile on my face, especially if they have anything to do with London!

  5. Love cheap stripes tees, I myself need a date with that pencil, and every Sunday I mourn the end to brothers & sisters - tear! Hope you are feeling better. xx

  6. peonies always look gorgeous!
    Have a great week Will

  7. Loving all of that Yellow! So sad about the end of brother's and sisters too - such a great show! xo

  8. I completely love peonies especially before they have totally come out! Mourning brothers and sisters too :-(

    Hope you are feeling better!
    Rachie xo

  9. Love that little spy camera, makes me want to put on a trench coat with the collar turned up, and a trilby hat(perfect for this wet weather)and go on a top secret mission....

  10. Love, love, LOVE that knot doorstop!

  11. I have been enjoying the smell of peonies all week and plan to continue my enjoyment as long as they are in season!!!

  12. oh those peonies just make my heart sing :)

  13. I want to recreate that party scene! Such great lighting...

  14. oh i like that old-fashioned camera ~ NICE! happy monday to you ;)
    xo ~ bises ~ kristina

  15. you made me miss London with that misty photo. Only 4 more weeks till I hop on that flight! yay! Going to check out Olive and Joy right now!

  16. Thanks so much for featuring Olive & Joy Will!! The yellows are my favourite too.

    ps. I cried like a baby with the last episode of Brother & Sisters last week too.

  17. that striped shirt is YOU, will...donna

  18. Will, that is totally the shirt I bought (in red & white) when I tweeted about channeling my inner you a few weeks back!

  19. Yay for the yellows. And ohh, I have a necklace with that same nautical knot. I love it!


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