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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Livingetc, June 2011 - My Scrapbook Highlights

Given my penchant for colour, it's no surprise that the team's decorating with a soft palette was by far my favourite decorating story from the June issue of Livingetc. Claudia Bryant's seemingly effortless styling has been captured in an almost dream-like state through the lens of Emma Lee; the soft, airy feel to the photographs making the delicate hues all the more appealing. I also enjoyed the botanicals feature (those Apothecary jars are divine) and the Hollywood Hills Sixties home of Derek Mattison caught my eye with its striking mid century-meets-folksy living room (I kinda loved his simple yet ever-so stylish outfit, too). However, the standout tour is the home of Dee Koppany and her partner, Dermot O'Leary - check out that bathroom, folks! An inspiration gallery of outdoor spaces rounded off this lovely summer issue.


  1. beautiful. i love that sweet pea and tulip arrangement.

  2. The tree bed would surely provide sweet dreams for anybody lucky enough to sleep under its protective branches!

    And the clock in the kitchen is stunning. Actually the kitchen is rather stunning too.

  3. Oooo my head is spinning with inspiration!! That old radio in the first pic. that fits an ipod.. fun! But I think my favorite is the room with the tall yellow curtains and beautiful floral blue bed. Dramatic! ...also the feather boa collection in that a fab bathroom.. how wonderful!

  4. Oh my, so many inspirational things! I just ADORE the graphic print bed :)

  5. im with laura bear. too many good things. if i had to pick one, it would be the outdoor entertaining. i love the use of fabrics..but that could be the party stylist in me..
    hope you had a great weekend will.
    manvi @ mochatini

  6. I love the outdoor space so much!

    We have fantastic weather here in Germany!


  7. @ Chelsea - Me too; I loved that whole page.

    @ Blue fruit - I love how their kitchen backs onto the garden like that - so inviting.

    @ Laura - Clearly I couldn't get enough of the yellow curtains! ;)

    @ Manvi, Franka - Yes, the outdoor space is pretty special. The delicate drape in the sea green hue is beautiful.

  8. I have this issue waiting to be read at home! You have just made me excited - Dee and Dermots home tour looks fab. How much do i love that kitchen? - the whole house looks just my style!
    Thanks for the sneak peak!

  9. Oh, I am all over that outdoor living space! All that's missing is a good friend, good food, and good conversation! xo

  10. Will, you have the best taste -- I was swooning over all your faves! I of course love that apothecary industrial cabinet, I am a sucker for anything with lots of drawers. I love that back yard too, that canopy is so so amazing! Thanks for some lovely Tuesday inspiration! xo.

  11. Enchanted forest bed! Well well well!
    Great finds my friend! As usual, I'm so glad to stop by!

  12. oh my goodness! i love all of the different textile designs - so rich and delicious! that bed frame and the outdoor sitting area are just a few of my faves!

  13. You post so many beautiful pictures, I don't think I'll ever be able to decide a favorite. Hopefully when I move into my own home it will have a large number of rooms!

  14. @ Rachie - LOVE the kitchen, esp. how it looks out onto the garden.

    @ Debby - You said it right there! - so true!

    @ Danni, Reshma - Thank you.

    @ wanderlustings - Isn't that outdoor space just dreammmmy?!

    @ Elizabeth - I have so many inspiration files ready for when I get my own place, too!


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