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Monday, 9 May 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. A Saturday morning trip to Portobello Road.
2. Taking a walk through some of the gorgeous streets in Kensington and Chelsea.
3. These cute little fellows caught my eye in Zara Home.
4. I felt inspired by the yellow hue of these blooms whilst out walking on Saturday.
5. Bought some swimming shorts in preparation for the summer.
6. Jack Spade rock the colour block trend with this new wallet.
7. Decided to save up for some Nathalie Lete plates - I love this 'Bonsoir!' design.
8. A flick through my photo archive had me dreaming of my trip to the Grand Canyon in 2005.
9. This is the perfect Mr. Bazaar mug!
10. Love the fresh greens of this table runner.


  1. I'm officially homesick - a walk down 'Portabella' and a Zara home pop in.
    Have a great week.

  2. Oh I love those plates, too. I think Anthropologie sells them. Also, now you have me nostalgic for my own Grand Canyon trip in 2008!

  3. love your outfit will! i need to get a button down like yours for my hubby!!

  4. Oh! That wallet! Heaven!
    Hope you're well, Mr Will!

  5. Love the owls and the Jack Spade wallet! Your weekends always seem filled with beautiful things :)

    <3 Belly B

  6. @ Cornflakes and Honey - I know, right? I had to resist very hard not to buy them!

    @ Carmel - Thank you; same to you.

    @ Kayla - Yep, I snapped them in Anthro over the weekend - there's a huge selection of them. As for the Canyon...would love to go back and see it again - breathtakingly beautiful.

    @ Sandy - Thank you! The shirt was from H&M.

    @ Louise - I know, right! So fun and colourful.

    @ Belly B - Thanks for stopping by! Hope you had a lovely weekend, too.

  7. that is the perfect mug, I love it and I really want to go to Portobello Road again now

  8. Dont you just love London in the spring? What a lovely weekend? I cant believe that table runner is H&M - its fab! xx

  9. portobello road is kinda the best, isn't it?

    and i am just now getting acquainted with kings road/chelsea... hello, future neighborhood! ;)

  10. I just love the mug, the colors are so happy and cheerful! If you like botanicals design decor for your home, check this out:

    It's not available on Gilt anymore but it's worth to take a look!

    And thank you so much for mentioning my blog post on "A stylist's loft'. I got a boost of traffic because of you. Not to mention a few new followers.



  11. oooh did you actually get any of Nathalie Lete 's plates? LOVE THEM!

  12. looking sharp those owl!!

  13. Could you dress my husband for a day (or month). Your style is so chic and effortless!

  14. these images perk up my monday, most certainly -- and yes, that mug is so mr. bazaar!

    i love your collages, will. it takes me FOREVER to assemble my photos, cos i don't know where to start and somehow (sometimes magically), the collage materializes somehow. do you have any tips for blog image post assembly?

  15. Your weekend was pretty nice and the photos show it. I dig photo #4, yellow bloom is a delight. Have a good week!

  16. i want that mug! i also agree with theeclecticlife, you've got great style:-)

  17. Love those little guys from Zara! and your photo of the Grand Canyon is amazing!! what an amazing place!
    thanks for sharing!
    xo Allison

  18. I took my first trip to the Grand Canyon 3 weeks ago...and I'm dreaming of going back there already! Such a magical place :) And I love the Nathalie Lete plates.

  19. Whoa, can't believe Zara's selling those cute bronzey owls. I want! And look at you with checkers looking all sweet and fab. Looks like another lovely weekend! I went to a craft show and it was so much fun. Lots of prints and handmade goodies. You woulda loved it!

  20. @ Rachie - Yes, the fragrance of the fresh blooms as I walked about on Saturday was just stunning!

    @ Lauren - Love that area of London!

    @ Jessie - They would go so well with that table runner; thank you for the inspiration. And no worries about the link up!

    @ Helena - Not yet... saving up!

    @ theeclecticlife, Stacey - Thank you very much.

    @ Katrina - I find it best to use one image as a starting point and place it somewhere on the page that you feel works, and then 'slot' in all the other items around it like a jigsaw. It's funny because sometimes they come together effortlessly, and other times it takes longer as soemthing just won't fit in the space!

    @ Allison, iheartsunnydays - Thanks for stopping by, and yes - the Grand Canyon is stunning.

    @ dab - Your weekend sounds top notch!


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