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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Happy Weekend

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Wasn't the Royal Wedding just beautiful? I was lucky enough to have the day off to watch the whole event, and enjoyed every moment! Did you watch - what did you think? I loved Kate's dresses and I thought it was lovely how her and Wills drove to Clarence House in the decorated Aston Martin. Now the festivities are over, I'm going to use the rest of the weekend to switch out winter linens for spring ones and with the warmer weather I'm going to fling open the windows, light some candles and have a late dinner. What are your plans, friends?


  1. I too watched the complete broadcast on bbc..loved the understated pageantry..and Kate looked radiant and the couple really happy and in love! Loved Kate's eegant gown some, I'm not disappointed that she didn't do something out of the the occasion demanded more decorum than drama! I would like you to check out my impressions of the royal wedding on my blog when you have a moment!have a lovely weekend, will! xx meenal

  2. I thought it was great too.

    Did you know that the Aston Martin belongs to Prince Charles and was given to him by the Queen for his 21st birthday? There's a couple pics of it back in the day on my blog.

    It's an extra long weekend here in Blighty. Got a BBQ this afternoon then I intend to relax 'til Tuesday. Aaaaah.

  3. my classroom full of junior high girls watched on their laptops here in the states, squealing at her every smile

    I had a hard time getting them to study!

  4. I got totally hooked watching the wedding, only meant to have a quick look at the dress, but ended up watching for most of the day!
    spending the rest of the weekend taking photos of blueberries and a half eaten blueberry muffin, then relaxing in the garden.

  5. The wedding was beautiful and very real. That's what I liked about it. I wish them the best!

    My plans are oh-so similar.. rest and relax and do some cleaning-- at least for today :)

    Enjoy your spring cleaning weekend, candles and all!

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend ! I will be packing for my move next week ! And I thought Kate looked lovely as well...LOVE her dress.


  7. the wedding was beautiful! My plans? laundry. lots of laundry. And I too really need that beautiful green chair...

  8. well yes, it was beautiful aesthetically speaking but personally i think weddings should have more emotion...

  9. Sounds like laundry is the name of the game this weekend! Thanks for stopping by, folks.

    Diana and Leslie - I love the simplicity of the chair, too.

  10. oh, I've missed you! I'm catching up on the full coverage of the royal wedding now. The whole affair was breath-taking, Kate especially so! I've been writing all weekend with the windows wide open, so I can't complain too much :)

  11. i woke up early to watch. i loved it. kate looks soo gorgeous. her dress was so elegant. my least fav bit was the bridal bouquet.
    manvi @ mochatini


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