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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Colourful Country Dining

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With well above average UK temperatures for the time of year, I've found my thoughts wondering to stylish summer holiday escapes. Much of this daydreaming has centered around relaxed countryside living, where open doors allow a gentle breeze to blow through the house, as the sound of crickets fills the air. There would be rustic furniture in every room - much like the details seen in this dining room - with colourful additions to add a playful tone to each space. Fragrant, freshly picked blooms would adorn vases for a casual centerpiece, and old linens would soften wooden tabletops. There would be good food, great wine and even better friends. What would your ideal country escape be like?


  1. Yes, hasn't the weather been incredible? We've been spending every spare minutre just lazily pottering in the garden. I think that's my idea of a perfect country escape - in the garden with a cup of tea and my family around me. Bliss!


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  3. Glad the weather has been nice! Over here in Rio has been raining a lot...

    Now about this lovely dining... Love the mismatched chairs and the casual way the table was set!!

    Hugs & kisses from Rio!

  4. Country is definitely my favourite style. Thanks to all your inspiring shares! :)

    Belly B

  5. In the Netherlands the weather is also very nice! Thanks for the inspiring post, beautiful!

  6. This is how I picture my country home back in Gran Caria, my hubby just finished building a very similar house, and we are hoping to do the garden that will open from the kitchen, I will send this image to him for inspiration. I may one day live there myself, the only thing is that the house is so far away from the city and rest of my friends and London...

  7. hmm, it'd have to look somthing like this. charming and simple, but still elegant.

  8. Surrounded by lush greens and drinking lots of delicious wine! Have a wonderful weekend, Will !

  9. Gorgeous and cozy!


  10. i think it was probably like this

  11. All your country escapes sound divine! Thank you for sharing!


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