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Monday, 11 April 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. I've fallen in love with old glassware.
2. Peanut butter ice cream - surprisingly good!
3. Loved these beautiful flowers my mum brought when she came to visit on Saturday.
4. I need to start planting the seeds I bought from the RE pop-up shop in Liberty.
5. I liked the colour blocking in this apartment shown in the Guardian.
6. Thank you to Adore Home Magazine for featuring me in their 'blog loving' feature.
7. Kayla, a dear blogging friend, sent me these little owl salt and pepper shakers for my birthday - thank you!
8. So remember I said I had fallen for old glassware? Here's my first buy!
9. Jack Spade's friend's and family event tempted me with this zingy, colour block tote.
10. This cushion from The Conran Shop details great embroidery.


  1. LOVE old glassware, nice choice!

  2. Love color blocked outfits to color blocked rooms - yay! Happy belated birthday btw!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Just discovered your blog and loving it! Keep up the good work ;-)

  4. The color blocking in the apartment is fabulous! Although it does remind me of science lab in elementary school.

  5. Ah, hooray for the owls! I'm so happy you like them. Thanks for the link love, xo.

  6. love your milk jar! and congrats on the adore home feature!

  7. I love owls... those especially!

  8. do you have a blue telephone? that's pretty great.

  9. You had me at 'peanut butter' - sounds delish. Liking the flower colour combo too!

  10. peanut butter and ice cream are two great things... but make it the holy trinity with some chocolate. oh la la! ;)

  11. Oh I loved your feature in Adore Magazine Will, congrats on such a lovely feature! Your flowers are gorgeous too! Sounds like a fab weekend! xo

  12. I really love old glassware - I'm wanting to try to collect a few pieced in time for my wedding next year. Congratulations on the Adore Home page.

  13. Loved your feature in adore home! I'm looking for one of those fisherman lights for outside! Totally love those drawers too!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend xo

  14. Of course Peanut Butter ice cream it going to be good.. how could it not? It's peanut butter..

  15. I like all that you learned and loved from the weekend :-) Congrats on your feature in Adore Home Magazine. You've given me an idea with the Peanut Butter ice cream, Yum!

  16. Hey there friend.
    Did I miss your birthday..!? When was that MR? Please send me the date so that I can enter it into my diary.
    I want to send you one of my owl paintings, but will wait till I am in the same hemisphere as you.. :)

    How's the apartment and unpacking going? Hope the sea of boxes is drying up. Thinking of you.

    xx Charlotta

    P.S. Congrats on the feautre.

  17. I just discovered your blog and I am in love with every aspect of it. Especially the owls above. I am sucker for them and will buy anything "owl". Your blog is going to become one of my daily reads :)



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