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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Three Inspirations: Stripes, Raspberry Punnets, Yellow Chair

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I remember how much I liked the living room (1) when Livingetc featured it on their cover for the October issue last year. This week I had a hankering for some stripe therapy and this space totally did the trick. I love how the graphic stripe has been teamed with the romantic floral paper in the alcoves. The raspberry punnets (2) have always been a favourite for me, but this charming rustic kitchen has me daydreaming of summer holidays, doors wide open and a cool breeze blowing through the house. Bliss! as for the combination of a bright yellow chair and fairy lights (3) casually drapped over a fireplace? This is what I like to call instant interiors happiness! What is inspiring you today?


  1. I love how the stripes and the rose wallpaper combine, and the country feeling in the second pict is just lovely.
    I love your blog!

    kisses from the vegetable garden :)


  2. Love the yellow chair with the lights and the whole cozy feel to it!

    Love your blog!



  3. Adoring that striped wall, you find the best things!

  4. Top image is very clever. That could so easily have been a disaster on way too many fronts, but it is brilliantly balanced and they have been able to carry it all off with aplomb!

  5. The first image is very inspiring. The stripes and the flowery wallpaper are a rare and unexpected combination but they totally worked! Got to love that!


  6. i have to google "punnet"

    thanks for the new knowledge, lolol

  7. oh swoon -- i love that 2nd picture! that is just picture perfect. :)

  8. Love the stripes but favorite little detail are the Christmas lights draped around the vase of flowers on the mantel!

  9. Those stripes and that yellow chair - swoon!

  10. i love the unusual mix of the stripes with the floral wallpaper in the first unexpected and the yellow chair too..i'm am a little partial to all things tufted! lovely inspiration for the day, will..thanks for visit my blog when you have a moment..i would love to know your thoughts on my dining table and my plans for the chairs..have wonderful day..xx meenal

  11. I am so drawn to the stripes and its surprising how well they go with the floral wallpaper!
    Love those flowers on the mantel by the yellow chair!

    Rachie xo

  12. those stripes are fantastic!

  13. Oh my gosh! I have had my eye on that JL yellow chair for some time now! I think it has oodles of personality with those brightly coloured buttons! So gorgeous! Just the inspiration I need to shake off this vile London weather!

  14. yellow chair is PERFECT. love your blog. :)

  15. The yellow chair against the lilac wall and the burst of color on the fireplace with the gorgeous bouquet - so effective, almost unplanned! Thank you so much!

  16. I love # 3, that yellow chair against the lilac wall is killin me! I've been wanting to paint the back wall in my office a lilac or light violet shade as a contrast against the now yellow walls (for fun & to help make the room feel a bit bigger) The Mr. isn't convinced those colors would look good together but this is proof! Thank you! :)


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