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Tuesday 11 May 2010

{Colour Inspiration: Purple}

Purple is an interior decorator's ticket to adding drama to a scheme. As these images demonstrate, this is not often a colour of sublety. That said, it can look fantastic and is at its best when used in dining rooms and, somewhat surprisingly, kitchens. My top tip for using purple would be to either be brave and hit your room with a punch of the jewel-like colour (1, 11) or just use as a surprise accent (4, 7). My favourite purple schemes are the kitchens (2, 6) - I think it's the unexpected nature of purple being used in them. Have you, or would you, decorate with purple?

Images: 1. Domino; 2, 10, 11. Coloureffect; 3. Casasugar; 4, 12. Living Etc; 5. TheLennoxx; 6. Cocomale; 7. zainteriora; 8. Julianinterior; 9. Manobluedesign


  1. I adore the 3rd image! I had wallpaper with purple in it in my bedroom for years. I really like an unexpected pop of purple like in image #3 best!
    Great Post!!

  2. I do use purple in a lot of my paintings, see my site....and you will see the array of the purple palette....from lighter violet to the deep aubergine!

    Art by Karena

  3. oh you know this post makes me sooo happy!!!!!! i luuuuuuv it! :) gorgeous photos!

    how was your weekend lover. hope you had a great one! xoxo

  4. I almost painted a short wall in my kitchen purple (or eggplant as I refer to it) and the remaining kitchen walls a apple green... think second image colors.

    I ended up going with a simple blue, but honestly if I didn't think my better half (read: my painter) would kill me I would go with my original choice. The colors could brighten any day.

  5. I love purple! I rarely, in fact never, have clients who use this awesome color in their decor...thanks so much for sharing these images! I'm totally inspired to do a purple painting...


  6. I'm not normally a purple girl but these rooms look great! I especially love the bright purple wall with the gold couch!

  7. What a coincidence! I am getting the key to my new studio cum showroom today and the feature wall is going to be purple. So this is great inspiration. Now the big challenge will be which shade....light, dark, cool or warm!

  8. Loving dark plum/purple at the moment, my colours for the wedding are white with white plus some more white and a touch of dark plum! I'm hoping it will be quite dramatic amongst all of the white! :) Hazel


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