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Wednesday 12 May 2010

{Three Step Mantle Update}

This mantle is in my Mum's house and is in an all-white scheme (white walls, sofas etc) with pops of bright colour added through rugs, stoneware and cushions. Although the rest of the room is lovely, the mantle of the fireplace was too bare for words. So, in three simple steps I helped her to take it from lackluster to stylish statement. Here's what I did...


Step One
No it's not vintage, nor is it something you would find in Christie's, but this Vegas print is fun and colourful - just what the room is all about (Mum uses it as a playroom for her grand children a lot).

Step Two
I wanted to pick up on the golden hues of the canvas, especially as gold and black are total BFFs and make a super hot couple.

Step Three
Finally, I felt it was important to soften the vignette with a touch of femininity, so I picked up the burnt orange/yellow oil bottle (a bargain at £3.50), disposed of the lid, filled it with water and popped in a fresh bloom. Et volia! Mum's mantle updated in three simple steps.

Images: Will


  1. adorable! what a lucky mum she is to have such a sweet and stylish son!

  2. this is perfection in a post my love! :)


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