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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

{Decor SOS: Outgoing Lamp Base Seeks Stylish Shade}

Bright, curvaceous lamp base seeks stylish, easy going and fashionable shade. Interests include, lightbulbs, illuminating conversation and meeting like-minded lamps.

Image: Will
Bascially, I'd love your ideas on what shade you think would look great with this lovely HomeSense lamp base?


  1. I'm completely useless with light shades I'm afraid. Would a spot of speed dating at the local lighting shop help do you think??

  2. What a hilarious blog! But seriously, love the lamp base, and even love it in orange even though orange is not my favourite colour. I'm thinking a strong, simple shade in white to offset the orange or you could go over the top with a bit of bling..? I think it depends on where it's going to go, though. I look forward to seeing what you end up choosing!

  3. My first thought was check out RICE.DK and then remembered Laura Ashley (yes Ms Ashley has seen the light and has embraced some bright colours..she must be a follower of your blog!) Check out her amptly named 'world of technicolor' teal blue shade pg 20 for starters..or maybe the lucille cerise pink shade (I love orange and pink!) or they have a spotty teal blue shade too..oh so many choices for such a lovely lamp!! Post what you do!!?!

  4. Deep purple or dark brown with a graphic pattern..

  5. White drum! Very CB2. Love your blog! xo

  6. I vote for matte black with a metallic gold interior!

  7. Have you thought about making a shade your self, its really simple witha kit, I tried it and made one for my charity shop find lamp,

    You could try out the london under ground or some other map where you have visited. Those bright coloutrs lend them selves to something a little different.

  8. a few ideas, i'm thinking a handmade woven wool shade (wool wrapped over the frame and strung in between - not sure if i'm describing it well!) in a really chunky grey wool, or a drum shade in black + white houndstooth.

    Cool base - look forward to seeing end result.

  9. Try M&S, they do great brown and black ones which are simple but lovely

  10. What can I say? You've all been so helpful, I really am touched. THANK YOU. I'll post when I finally get a shade and make my mind up!

  11. Did you ever find a shade? I have two gorgeous shades you might like..... daring hot damask in Amy Butler's Tangerine Dream (orange and pink), plus bold Eastern bright in Kaffe Fassett's Jungle Paisley (pink, orange, turquiose, purple). Both would suit your lonesome orange base. Check them out at


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