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Thursday 25 March 2010

{Colour Inspiration: Gold}

Often associated only with the holiday season, gold is actually a fantastic colour for adding opulence to interior spaces at anytime of the year. The vintage mirror (1) shows how to add drama to a hallway or bedroom (plus it's got that rustic French look to it that I simply adore). Over sized mirrors lent against a wall instead of mounted on it, always give an air of style and glamour; gold effortlessly adds to this look.

I'm loving how the gold pendant light (2) mirrors the bulbous wine glasses on the table. All it needs now is a good bottle of red to complete the look...! If you're looking to add a dose of instant luxury then add a few pieces of gold-coloured glassware (4) to your tabletop and your next dinner party will be fit for a king!


  1. love gold! always a dash of glam. glad you did this post. all the images are beautiful and unique!

  2. Gotta love that patina on the mirror!

  3. you made it on my list of winner for an I love your blog award, click here to collect it,
    actually you'll have to copy and paste I think.

  4. hi luuuvr. im your newest follower now!
    your blog speaks to my heart and soul. im in love!
    thanks for the sweet comments.
    so happy to see some boy action in this blogworld of design.
    i HEART it!

    lots of love......
    your new blogging friend. :)

  5. hey will! i have passed on a blog award i got because you are tres awesome. please have a look on my new post! and thanks for all you do :D

  6. I'm so glad you all like gold in interiors - it's such an indulgent colour! Thank you to Samantha and Wicked Thrifty for your lovely blog awards - so touching!

  7. Love that distressed gold mirror!

  8. that first image stopped me in my tracks, babe. It's ME. I am looking a warm grays with golds right now and it is totally DOIN' IT FOR ME...

    I'm hittin' the follow button for your blog and looking forward to a guys point of view...! Rock it, dude!

  9. Oh, wow! Just checked out A Perfect Gray - what a fantastic blog! I love grey for its understated style qualities. Great blog! Thanks for becoming a follower!

  10. i love so mutch the antique gold framed mirrors...

  11. The gold antique mirror is so lovely, massi, and would make such a stunning statement in a fairly simple scheme.

  12. Lovely turn of the century (1880's - 1900's) Louis Phillipe style French gilded mirror. The ones with the original gilding that is exceptionally distressed and show the original rougerie/red underlay have a real beauty. Quite often the wood frames have simple decorative carving with the gilding overlaid and can be really beautiful.
    Love the blog - some great sourcing ideas.

  13. Thank god I found this blog! I've been searching for one that features Elle Decoration. Your other post are great as well.

    I've been in a gold & silver leaf phase lately. I have seen the Louis Phillipe french mirror (image 1) on ebay and they go pretty high, $2,000+!

    Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.


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