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Friday 26 March 2010

{Blog Love: Secrets of Domestic Bliss}

It's time for some Friday blog love and this week Secrets of Domestic Bliss is in the Bright.Bazaar spotlight! Authored by Ashlina, this blog is so much fun to read and is rammed to the rafters with inspiration. Ashlina posts mainly on home interiors, but there's the occasional fashion-related post as well, which breaks things up nicely (and trust me, this girl wears some fabulous outfits)! Anyhow, back to interiors; here's some of my favourite images from her blog.

Loving the polka dot pink cushion from H&M Home summer collection (1), plus the glitter balls add a touch of disco fever. The multi-coloured ottomans (2) are a super easy way to add a relaxed vibe to a chill out room or a playroom. I'm a huge fan of movie posters, so the stylish dining room (3) was an instant love of mine (plus, I'm loving the understated grey hues).

Earlier this week I posted a video about using frames to make statements on walls. The purple room (4) with coloured stripe prints is another example of how to achieve this great look. Breaking up the pattern of horizontal frames with portrait shapes stops the room looking too much like a showroom - a great decorating tip! As for the green door (6): Oh My Goodness, I am in love. It looks like it leads to a secret garden, or perhaps the secrets of domestic bliss? Either way, at least we have the secrets of domestic bliss blog for countless inspiration - thank you, Ashlina!

Images: Various sources, see secrets of domestic bliss for credits. If one of these images is yours and you would like it credited please email so I can add it onto the post.


  1. Oh... The ottomans and cushions are so so so great!! Thanks for showing them!!

  2. Love it. Thanks for the tip. Just found your blog. Its a great read! New fan now! Happy friday.

    Sundeep @ Designwali

  3. Hi noemozia - thanks for stopping by again, have a lovely weekend!

    Designwali - great blog, I've added it to my google reader. Thanks for becoming a follower, too!

  4. oooh luuuuvr! you are the sweetest! thanks for your beautiful words and for the shout out!
    looking forward to seeing more of your brilliance...
    now i gotta run and check out your video you mentioned....

  5. Ashlina and her blog are so sweet, love them both! was really nice seeing what you have enjoyed most!

  6. Hi Will,

    You gotta love the gorgeous Ashlina...she is just adorable!
    Loving your've got some great inspiration style happening there yourself young fella!! Looking forward to drowning myself in some more of your inspirational gorgeousness :) x

  7. Hey Anna! Thanks for stopping by! Loving your blog as well, especially the Jack Johnson soundtrack :)


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