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Thursday 25 March 2010

{Latest Collections: Zara Home's Colour Collection}

If there had ever been a collection created for the Bright.Bazaar blog, then Zara Home's Colour Collection would most certainly be it.

A vibrant mix of yellow, blue, green and pink gives the collection it's colourful theme. They've successfully managed to use all these colours using two key tricks: firstly by keeping the walls white and secondly by tying the varied colourways together with soft patterns in the pillowcases and duvet cover.

This tabletop set up is a delightful mix of florals and block colours. Having an ornate, heavily patterned tablecloth means the scheme needed balancing, and I'm glad they used block colours (in the form of glassware and cushions) otherwise there would have been too many patterns and colour clashes for me!

Images: Zara Home

All I have to say here is: When did carpet get so sexy again?! What are your thoughts on the latest collection from Zara Home?


  1. Love the bedroom and all those cushions on the neutral sofa. Tablecloth a bit busy for my taste though - would be hard to find the colourful glasses amongst it all but a lovely collection.

  2. Thanks for brightening up a truly grey and dismal drizzly Thurs ;-)

  3. I am going to Zara this evening to get some cushions and stuff... Can't wait!! ^_^

  4. These are fun! It doesn't matter where it comes from, color just makes people smile. Great resource for a child's room, if it's too much for the adults!

  5. Gawd I love all this color. It makes me so happy :)Emo neutrals always need a little spice to them!

  6. I love it! I was in Madrid recently and wanted to buy so much but didn't have space in my suitcase. We don't have any Zara Home stores here in Irelnad as far as I know. :(

  7. Lorna - I agree, the tablecloth is quite busy, but because it's such a gorgeous collection we can let them off!

    Blueberry Park - anytime, thanks for stopping by!

    noemozica - let me know what you buy...!

    Kimberly - you are a woman after my own heart - I love colour.

    Nadster - totally with you on loving colour!

    Maria - I don't think Zara Home have stores in Ireland, but not sure. I think you can order online, though?


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