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Monday 15 March 2010

{Colour inspiration: Blue}

Happy Monday, friends! It's feeling like spring is well and truly on the way here in the UK, what's it like where you are?

As I write I'm sat at my mum's kitchen table, the sunlight is streaming in, there's a lovely smell of fresh coffee brewing and I'm feeling invigorated for the week ahead. That's why this kitchen featured on A Punch of Colour is perfect for my mood this afternoon. I love how it looks really stylish but keeps a relaxed, informal and inviting feel to it. I know blue can make you think bathrooms, but look, these blue tiles and accents make the room feel modern and fresh. Plus, I think I need to get myself some of those blooms by the sink! Love it.


  1. Yeah!! I agree with you, I think this blue in the kitchen is absolutely fresh and lovely!! I wish mine would be as big and light as this one!!
    (and, in Barcelona, spring is definitely saying hello from the sky!! I love March's sun!!).

  2. Glad it's spring-like in Barcelona as well! Yeah, I'm with you - this kitchen is just lovely!

  3. i am so glad you posted this! i just discussed my own plans for a blue-based kitchen remodel and had heard you "shouldn't" use blue in kitchens... haha!! i was right, convention was wrong ;)

  4. Lovely kitchen - sort of what I am planning for mine when I move (get the keys in under a month now, wahey!) - but mine will be ORANGE! And a lot smaller than that kitchen... guess you can't have it all. This has reminded me that I need to pick blinds...

  5. Oh if only I could have a bright and inviting kitchen as this! I love the light fixtures. Very seaside.. I have to have those chairs!

  6. Hey Wicked Thrifty! Yep, go for it with the blue in your kitchen. Colours can work anywhere; what matters is just getting the shades and the amount of colour used right. Good luck - would love to see the results when the remodel is done!

    Oooo I love orange, Li! So exciting that you are moving house, too. Hope the move goes well for you.

    I'm loving the light fixtures as well, Chantale. They are both industrial and seaside at the same time - impressive!


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