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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Happy Weekend: Anna Emilia's Prints

This week I discovered these beautiful art prints by illustrator and painter Anna Emila - aren't they so sweet?! Anna was born in Leppävirta, a small town in Finland that had strawberry fields, lakes and pine forests. She I love how she explains on her website that she used to built huts out of branches with friends and her brother and played by cutting and gluing paper. One summer she found Melancholy thistle flowers which she then used as painting brushes and she hasn't looked back since. Well, I'm pleased she didn't because her work is such a treat! There's an air of whimsy and delicacy to Anna's work that I really like, especially her Forest Cuckoo illustration. Do you have a favourite? I'm off to take my granny out for her birthday today. Do you have any fun weekend plans, friends?
// Art prints by Anna Emilia


  1. I love her work and freakishly we have 2/3 the same name!

  2. These are really beautiful.

  3. my favorite is the under ice. lovely!

  4. Her work is beautiful. The Forest Cuckoo had my heart instantly and it has found its way to my wish list.
    Thanks for the introduction, Will, and have a wonderful day with your grandmother ;-)

  5. Such delicate & sweet illustrations...happy weekend Will!

  6. have a great time at grannys! I am at Waterloo this weekend with Chris as well. Have a sore throat attack ... hopefully that goes away soon.

    Love Anna's print.. my fav is Winter Sea

  7. Beautiful! Prints like these make me wish I had a baby just so <i could put one in the nursery :) Thanks for sharing Will. Happy birthday to your granny!


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