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Thursday 22 November 2012

Colour Palette: Trad Meets Modern Bedroom

This week's Colour Palette post is a bedroom scheme that successfully fuses together a number of different styles: safari chic, modern bright and traditional elegance. Three looks you wouldn't normally expect to see together, right? Well, that's what I find so exciting about interiors, those spaces and schemes that surprise and delight with their unexpected elements. So what part has colour played in fusing these styles together? Well, a lick of true blue paint transforms a traditional four poster bed into a modern statement piece; a french rose fabric brings new life to a tufted chair; and neutral shades of gold and brown used across textured pieces like a hide rug and bare wooden furniture ground the brighter elements of the scheme. Which elements of this bedroom do you like and why? Have you ever fused different styles together when decorating? P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
// Style at Home | Photography by Jessie Webster


  1. That bed. oh my gosh...I love the POP of color!!!

    xx Ashleigh

  2. what i love the most is the juxtaposition between modern and traditional (i.e. painted turn-leg pine desk with ultra modern leather chair) and then with traditional elements totally becoming hip and fun with pop of colors like the blue on the bed frame and that pop of juicy pink on the chair!!

    my favourite element of the room? I think I will pick the chair!

  3. gorgeous colour scheme. Love the striped cushions. Amy x

  4. It might be a small thing but I really think the striped red pillow on the bed really ties the whole room together by linking with that gorgeous tufted chair (which unsurprisingly is my favourite element)!

  5. I'm looking for this kind of bed (not in blue)...I think the mix of styles are so chic but not pretentious, I have some doubts about this touch of blue.

  6. Very much like this room! I agree the styles work really well together!
    Rachie xo

  7. I love LOVE the blue bed, and love THAT bed!

  8. Thanks for the holiday wishes! hope your day is wonderful!

  9. A total mix but it still works. Love the painted bed, so unexpected. Have a great weekend Will!

  10. You're right, it does work, helps that the room is so light and airy, allows the use of bolder colours without darkening the room. I love the chair. Its funny, years ago people bought one set of furniture to last forever and it was only the wall colour that changed, but now thats not so much the case, don't you think? Furniture is a great way of updating and adding colour and styles, without the hassle of decorating.


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