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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Colourful & Eclectic Brazilian Kitchen

Given Rio de Janeiro is known for its vibrant party culture, I think this kitchen could easily win the Quintessential Carnival Rio-Style Kitchen award - well, if such a prize existed! Thanks to its colourful and playful design, the space feels energising and upbeat - and there are plenty of interesting design points to take away, too. There are two key elements that help create the eclectic, relaxed feel: firstly the mix and match tiles used for the kitchen splashback, and, secondly, by using chairs differing in design and colour around the table. The third element, the tartan wallpaper, is slightly left-of-field - I think all spaces need one surprise feature - but works wonders in the room, zoning the breakfast nook into it's own 'area' but connecting it to the kitchen thanks to the cross-referenced colour palette. Should Mr. Bazaar find himself in Rio, he would be very happy to try out some of the local dishes in this kitchen! What elements of this kitchen do you like?
// Casa Brazil | Photography by André Nazareth


  1. This kitchen certainly represents the vibrant colorful world that is Brazil!

  2. I love how bright it looks! Sometimes a mish-mash of bright colours like this looks cluttered but this is still a really clean vibrant look! Love!!!!


  3. I do like this but not for me. Too busy but would love to visit here and enjoy a cuppa or lunch! G. X

  4. WOW!!BOMBOLEYO!!I love the colours the patterns and the happy feeling!
    Great find Will!:)

  5. Mr. Bazaar, I´m affraid I´m going to VERY desappoint you! :-( Actually, in Brazil, our decor style is very "neutral" and sometimes even boring. Our country is tooooo big and there are places here with a colorful culture, but in fact, it´s a very small part of us. People here decorate with lots and lots of NEUTRAL colors - :-( least, we still being a happy people.

    with love,

    1. Not disappointing at all! It's always lovely to hear from readers. I guess all the Brazilian interiors I've seen here are always very colourful and play to that 'Carnival Rio' stereotype! As for neutrals, well, they are all good, too! I always say interiors are like a good diet - it's all about balance. :) Hugs from London!

    2. You´re so lovely! By the way, I love your blog, your colorful posts and your beautiful London!
      Hugs from Sao Paulo

  6. I LOVE this whole kitchen! I have a feeling my boyfriend would never let me do this with our place, but maybe a toned down version of that backsplash could be in order one day!

  7. I love the unexpected juxtaposition of traditional wood table and wainscoting, preppy check, and crazy quilt-like tiles. When elements are put together with joy and passion, it always seems to work! I could do w/o those cupcakes! Tired of cupcakes! :)

  8. This is very cool Will. Love the energy of the whole space and those wonderful bright blue cupboards :)

    Abbey x

  9. Fun kitchen! But you know what I love the most? It is the way how you break up the elements and make it so much easier for us to learn the reasons why we love this kitchen!

  10. Those tiles are awesome! If only more people were so bold (says me with my white subway tile obsession...)!

  11. thanks for sharing...


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