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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Home Accessories & Furniture Dream Team!

For rest | For work | For storage | For lighting 1, 2, 3 | For comfort | For reading | For organisation | For hallway | For coffee
Never mind Olympic dream teams, what us interior addicts want is a dream team for our home, right?! You with me, Team Bazaar? Great! Let's dive into these goodies from Fashion for Home aka the home dream team. Every home needs a place to relax but why not do it in style with a fusion of traditional and modern styles seen in this navy couch. Once fully rested we're ready to work so the batten is handed to this striking table/desk. Of course, as colour lovers we need some bold hues to keep us inspired, so statement pendants, rugs and storage units are added into the mix. With our work done for the day, we get to curl up with a book in our studded armchair, with a chilled white wine upon the coffee table next to us, safe in the knowledge that the next day's tasks are outlined on the wall organiser. Which items would make your dream team, friends?
// Partnered post with Fashion for Home | All opinions and selections Mr. Bazaar's own


  1. so jealous!! Fashion for Home is absolutely incredible. I love the natural wood top with bright blue metal legs and that handsome arm chair with nailhead details!! See we need to have a similar store in Toronto!

    1. Great minds... that was my favourite pick as well! :)

  2. very much enjoying that blue leg table

  3. Oh that couch! I want to do bad things to it or on it. Gr..

  4. I'm with you on the hallway storage cute and lovely !!

  5. ouch - i love ALL of this. just found you on the Best Blogs, nice to meet you. love your space :)

  6. Hahahahaha, Team Bazaar ... love the idea! That storage piece looks good and I like the armchair too.

  7. What fun lighting choices! The middle one is too cool!!

  8. Good finds! Like the sofa and that hallway storage unit too!! xx

  9. Hi!very much enjoying that blue leg table!!What fun lighting choices! The middle one is too cool!
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  10. I love the couch, the desk, storage units and practically everything here. Good post, keep it coming.


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