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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Happy Weekend: Decorating With Pastels

Kitchen by John Lewis of Hungerford | Magazine tear sheets from Sweet Paul
Oh yeah! What's that you spy? Only the freakin' weekend! After a busy week packed with meetings and events in the city, I'm dreaming of a weekend filled with the simple things life can offer. I'd be very happy to start my day in this colourful country kitchen, coffee brewing and a leisurely breakfast enjoyed to the sound of birds tweeting as a light spring breeze fills the space. That would be kinda alright, wouldn't it?! Anyway, back to reality...! As pastels are proving popular both on and off the catwalk, I decided to whip together some inspiration on how to decorate with delicate hues for my latest feature inside Sweet Paul magazine. You can head here to read it in full if you like. I hope you have fun plans for the next few days, friends? Make it a good one!


  1. Ah that is the perfect weekend-away location! Would love to have a country cottage like that! Happy weekend Will hope you DO get some time to relax!

  2. yay! THere are my weeding colors :)--clicking over to check out your pastel adventures on SP--happy weekend!!

  3. Thank you for introducing me to Sweet Paul. What a crispy, delicate, and perfectly illustrated publication!

  4. Oh my gosh yes!! I'd be happy happy to weekend here! :) Loving all of the pastels! The striped cabinets are charming!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

    xo Jenny

  5. Will-
    You have a good one too! I'm headed over to Sweet Paul now! Teri

  6. You do love your greys and pastel/canary yellows. Have a blast this weekend!


  7. Nice dreamy yellows! Have a superb weekend, Will!

  8. pastels never get old! - great post!

    - Nora

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  9. Oh, so lovely and soft colors!

  10. I never really think about using pastels because I'm so obsessed with bright colors, but the palette in that room is stunning! Simple, rustic, inviting. (P.S. Holly from decor8 introduced me to your blog and I'm so glad she did! I love everything about it!)

  11. It's perfect. I love all of the light streaming in and the fun cabinets. mm mm good.

    -Caitlin @ Reverie to Reality

  12. Pastels are soooo in right now! In the home & in fashion for sure. Got my first pair of pastel jeans yesterday!
    Great feature will! ;)

  13. A bright kitchen and the pastels add just the right sunny touch! Have a nice weekend :-)

  14. I love this combination, it's bright but soft. I need to 'brighten-up' a bit more.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  15. if you're whipping it up, i want a serving.

    can't WAIT to see your amsterdam pics, will. i have a feeling one might end up as my screensaver on the old laptop when you post them. :)


    1. Posted them on Wednesday sweets! Scroll down if you want to see! Hope you enjoy! xx


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