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Monday, 31 October 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. I still can't get over the beauty of the autumnal season.
2. The St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel looks really inviting at dusk (well, if we're being honest, at anytime!)
3. Loved these Tom Dixon pendants.
4. Had fun spray painting pumpkins gold for our Halloween decorating.
5. Clear, blue skies on a crisp, autumn day are to be savoured.
6. I enjoyed reading Jan Constantine's new book Love Stitching and it inspired me to get sewing again soon, particularly to make this anchor seat pad. (Photography: Caroline Arber, Publisher: Jacqui Small)
7. I discovered Rob Hodgson's illustration shoppe - his Milk City print is my favourite.
8. Liberty's new stationery range is really pretty.
9. How fabulous is this egg cup?!
10. I have my eye on these Jack Wills gloves for the winter season.


  1. I love them all!!!

  2. The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel has been on my hotel wish-list for some time. I've seen amazing images of the restored interior. Lovely to see that it's so lovely from the outside too. Have a lovely week!

  3. Great love your pumpkins are great...I spray painted mine blue and some with chalkboard much fun. Happy week to you.

  4. I so wish I could stay at the St Pancras hotel before we go to Paris. Unfortunately we're staying in a grotty Travelodge instead ha!

    Love the autumn photo!

  5. @Esta - Thanks!

    @Kim - I went for drinks there recently and the interior was lovely - very cosy.

    @koralee - You're pumpkins sound fun! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. @Hannah - Oh, now that would be glamorous! That being said, Travelodge can be alright if you get a newer one. At least you'll be really excited for Paris! Yay!

  7. Love your spray painted pumpkin - such a great idea! That egg cup is pretty cool too! xx

  8. Such fab pumpkins,what kind of amazing spray paint is that!!! I have never seen such a gorgeous metallic gold before! Do share.

  9. @Rachel - Thanks! Defo trying the spray painting, it was super easy and quick.

    @Memmers - I bought a flat, metallic gold spray paint from the art store, then wiped the pumpkin and sprayed it on. Really easy and great effect - defo try it if you can!

  10. that egg cup- gorgeous


  11. Love the 60s futuristic eggcup - genius!

  12. Beautiful pictures, I love that autumn trees pic! Very atmospheric! I also really like the Milk City print and the stationery! Everything Liberty = <3 Also, the pumpkin idea is genius! Also great to keep in mind for Christmas! Thank you very much for this inspiring post!

  13. Autumn my favourite time of the year - except when it rains;)

    Love the gold pumkin - that's something special

  14. Liberty stationery? Oh gravy. Time to whip out the credit card. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I LoVE those gold pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

    XO - Jami
    Imagine Design Blog

  16. @Dallas, PopArtRockGirl - It's pretty special, right? Not sure I could quite justify the price, though! ;)

    @Eva - Thanks for your lovely comment. I am so loving this autumnal weather - the photo opps. are too good to pass up!

    @Mary, Jami - Spraying pumpkins gold was all kinds of fun. So glam, too!

    @Amanda - Oh, tell me about it. Way.Too.Tempting!

  17. That chair is pretty fabulous! xoxo

  18. That gold pumpking is so gorgeous!

  19. Am totally crushing on gold at the moment too so loving the pumpkin the egg cup! Love that liberty stationery too! xo

  20. @Melissa - I love anything nautical!

    @Tariro - Thanks.

    @Rachie - I am so tempted to get some of that Liberty stationery!

  21. the gold pumpkin is amazing Will so cute! and yes, the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel looks amazing! I would love to wander around!

  22. Gold pumpkins just might be better than orange pumpkins. Would be cool if the pumpkin "guts" inside were actually hearty chunks of (real) gold, eh?

    If only...

  23. @Helena - You have to go for drinks at the bar there sometime - think you would love it!

    @Kayla - Can.You.Imagine!


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