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Monday, 17 October 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. This lone tree looked pretty with its changing leaves.
2. In honour of my summer trip to Italy, I made focaccia bread using the recipe from Emmanuel Hadjiandreou's new book, How To Make Bread. (Published by Ryland Peters & Small; Photography by Steve Painter.)
3. Battered and well-worn vintage chairs in a striking turquoise hue? Yeah, I kinda loved them.
4. Saturday brought the perfect crisp, autumnal weather to town, with these gorgeous blue skies to boot!
5. I felt tempted by the vintage glassware in Selfridges.
6. The yellow and pink coloured facades in  made me smile on Sunday afternoon.
7. How adorable are these Scott Lifshutz appetiser plates?!
8. I stumbled upon these lovely vintage soda bottle crates.
9. I love this 'pull it together' recipe box - it would make the perfect gift for my mum.
10. Jack Spade's 125th anniversary range with Coca Cola is pretty cool; this messenger bag was my favourite from the collection.


  1. What a very lovely tree. Crunchy and reddish leaves are the best thing about autumn.


  2. I'm adoring that pink/yellow facade! Made my smile, too.

    And loving the Jack Spade bag - great find!
    xo Elizabeth

  3. Love those turquoise chairs! I love that you always search out colour!

  4. So lovely as always! You take wonderful photos too! my favorites are the colorful fall foliage and those adorable doggies plates!

    xo Allison
    Spicer + Bank

  5. Ooh I love the little dog appetizer plates, soooo cute!x

  6. oh wow Will! You made focaccia! Im amazed!

  7. Thanks, folks!

    @Siany - The colours are the best at this time of year.

    @Helena - you should defo try, the book gives easy step-by-step instructions and visuals, too.

    @Elizabeth - Isn't it?! So tempted to purchase!

    @Hannah - You know me - colour lover!

    @Allison and Ashley - Thank you.

    @Littletree - Seriously adorable plates - and they ship to the UK now, too.

  8. Love the pink and yellow facades. Did you take the picture? And where is it?

  9. @Nordic Bliss - Thanks! Yes - I took the photograph on Sunday in Marylebone, London.

  10. Love you colorful inspirational blog!!! Just shared a link to you on my Facebook page:! Thanks again!


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