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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

NEW! Yellow Owl Workshop's Colourful Stationery Collection

Whether it's walking home from the tube or leafing through a magazine, my magpie-like eye is always on the lookout for colourful inspiration. This morning I felt inspired by the new collection of colourful and whimsical stationery designs by Yellow Owl Workshop. A high five to Christine, the creative guru behind the company, for knocking it outta the park with these happy, playful and unique paper goods. Christine will be sharing an extract from her new book here soon, too. Which design is your favourite?


  1. v cute! love all the pops of colors, the yellow is my fave. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

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  3. I love that rainbow. It just makes me happy!

  4. LOVE Yellow Owl's work! so fun and vibrant!

  5. These cards and stamps are so adorable and fun! Love the rainbow design.


  6. I adore that cityscape stamp set - so cute and fun xx

  7. @Rachie - Maybe an idea for your wedding stationery given the city location?!

  8. It's hard to choose just one because they're all so fun. Obviously those sunglasses are specs-y as all get-out.

    Sidenote: if anyone lives close to a West Elm store, they may have some of the Yellow Owl stamp sets on clearance. My local store has tons of them on sale from the last holiday season.

  9. Nice share. thanks!

    My favourite is the yellow thank you card. love it.

  10. Thanks, guys! The glasses design is my fave, I think!


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