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Monday, 13 June 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Pastel coloured houses on Portobello Road.
2. Fresh fruit at my local farmers' market.
3. The smell of baked breads at the farmers' market.
4. Hanging out in Liberty on Sunday, admiring delights such as this patchwork floor candelabra.
5. The rustic industrial interior of this Soho eatery.
6. Booking a holiday to Menorca (eeeee!).
7. Smart light blue shorts from H&M.
8. The Tri-colour tablecloth from Terrain has a good mix of colour and pattern.
9. Checked bow tie? Yes, please!
10. Bekka hooked me up with this fun favicon for Bright.Bazaar's address bar. Get your own here.


  1. Me again. :)

    I love how we both obsess over stripes - be that in architecture, fashion, design or decor. Can't get enough and will never tire of it.

    Portobello... *sigh* many years ago I had a l
    Gorgeous little court yard flat in St Stephens Gardens, a few blocks from there.
    Portobello farmers market was my local and I loved returning home from there armed with bread from that gorgeous place with the bif wooden table outside.. Forget the name. Flowers too. Lots! And let's not forget 'Books for Cooks' - that quirky little shop hidden away on a side street. Is it still there?

    You look fab in the picture. Loving those glasses. New?

    Ok better stop here and leave room for other comments..:) You make me write long comments Mr!

    Hugs from afar

    xx C

  2. Will, where did you get the shirt you are wearing in the photo. I love how it has the contrasting colorful stripe?

  3. Picture #1? Yeah, I wanna live there!!

    Happy Weekend Dear! xo

  4. New to your blog, but what timing - I'm getting ready to book a trip to Menorca as well. I'm not going until next year though and I can't wait, so post lots of pictures when you back.
    Mean time, thanks for your lovely blog.

  5. A favicon?! Genius! I must consider getting my own...

  6. love the photo of you. looking fierce!

  7. The pastels on Portobello Road, sigh. Love the Forage bow tie, hope you bought yourself one :) Nicolex

  8. Wow Menorca! beautiful! you'd look so handsome wearing that bow tie! it's very "you"!

    glad you enjoyed the weekend!

  9. Holidaying in Menorca sounds wonderful! Love your glasses- are they new? Also your favicon is very cool and stands out perfectly xo

  10. I don't know where Menorca is but I want to go. Also, I think I will be dreaming about baguettes tonight. xoxo.

  11. I just had a geography lesson via google and found out where Menorca is .. oh what a nice spot to book a holiday. I just booked to Queensland .. does NOT compare .. but as your post is titled 'What did you love this weekend' .. well, that I loved (-:

  12. This weekend I Ioved making a little greenhouse for my friend orchids!
    A barbecue, good wine, little childrens playing around, and a group of friend sharing a green sunday.



  13. I love the way your curate "Ten Things Learned & Loved This Weekend" ... kinda makes me want to live your life. :) Can't wait to see all you show us this week!

  14. SO jealous about your holiday. ahhh! i can't wait to see pics from that adventure!

    love these posts as always. you make life seem so incredibly sweet and decadent.

  15. oh so so nice. lovelove it and those blue shorts are very smart indeed. . mmm yes.

  16. I love your photos of Notting Hill! They make a rainy weekend looking like Summer. Which app are you using?

  17. Those bow ties are so cute! If only my husband looked good in them :)

  18. Hi. I love the sweater in photo 4 you are wearing. If ever you grow tired of it, I'll give it a great home. :)

  19. Thanks Will! It looks great!

  20. My kind of weekend WIll. I always love walking by the pastel houses in Portobello Road. :)

  21. i love all of your things! portobello street, i've heard of that street before ~ i just love that name, so cute! happy monday to you! p.s. i love the new sweet paul, it's one of my new favorite reads, can't wait until the next issue already ;)
    xo~ kristina

  22. Sounds like a great weekend! I love farmers markets - they're so charming.

  23. nothin better than fresh farmers' market food.

  24. my heart skipped a beat when i saw #9, forage's checked bow tie. i think you would look fabulous wearing it, Will!

  25. You look so cute in the pic! :-)
    Love the jumper
    Rachie xo

  26. i keep seeing those forage bow ties everywhere - they're just too fun and cool. thinking i need to get one for my hubby :)


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