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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Happy Long Weekend: The Farmhouse Bathroom

Photography by Emily Gilbert | 1 via 2
I guess it's because I grew up in a cottage in the countryside, but I've always had an appreciation for country spaces. This farmhouse bathroom is no exception; I adore the charming features and cosy, rustic elements. The wire basket packed full of fluffy white towels, the industrial pendant duo and a hint of colour and pattern in the textiles make for a stylish yet welcoming space. A leisurely Saturday morning of pampering in here would be such a treat! Have a lovely weekend, folks. If you're in London, do head down to Westfield for the Dulux Let's Colour event as there are great roomsets with fun ideas for introducing colour into your home.


  1. Will! Congrats on being named one of the top 10 blogs!! You have impecable taste and every one knows it :)
    Nancy xo

  2. Initially, I just want to leave a comment about the image you posted but I think I want to congratulate you as well. Being named one of the top 10 blogs out of the hundred of millions blogs is no easy feat! So, congratulations, Will. You deserved the recognition. And thanks for stopping by my blog today! :)


  3. Congrats Will on being one of the top ten blogs, a well deserved accolade for sure! Great space too! Happy long weekend to you! XX

  4. wait, am I at the right place? a white bathroom? love it, will!

  5. love this bathroom, I'm doing a spot of painting this weekend in the living room, all white. Are you heading down to the westfield show? would love to see some photos of it.. :)

  6. Love the bathroom, will be re doing ours soon - like the little picture between the 2 wall cupboards.
    Well done on being top blog ;)

  7. Love favorite look! (our bathrooms are very similar)

  8. i love the simplicity of that bathroom... the wire basket with the white towels? love it.!

  9. This is my favorite kind of bathroom. That's all.

  10. You know, I kind of what to dislike country. I don't know why. But I can't help but like it either. This bathrooom is a divine example of country done right.


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