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Monday, 16 May 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. A Sunday morning visit to the botanical gardens at Kew was really enjoyable.
2. Loved this monogrammed H&M cushion...
3. ...and this Habitat throw.
4. Hiding behind pillars in the old Victorian glasshouses at Kew Gardens!
5. Saturday lunch at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant to celebrate my chap's birthday.
6. Ordering fizz before midday is always a treat (and always very fun)!
7. Toasting the day with Lady Chatterley's Lover cocktails at the W Hotel bar.
8. A sneaky photograph of the St. Martin's theatre safety curtain during the interval of Mousetrap, which is the longest running show in London's West End - now in it's 58th year!
9. Loved these Poppies I spotted whilst walking around at Kew Gardens.
10. The weathered Victoriana of the glasshouses made the visit all the more romantic; I especially liked this spiral staircase.


  1. Delicious post!!! I enjoy London as much as you do when I am there.... to seldom!
    Have a great time!

  2. The spiral staircase is *almost* as cute as you are in number 4!

  3. Will I always love this post!!

    Art by Karena

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  4. I had some bday bubbles before midday too, it really does feel a bit naughty but nice!

  5. Greetings! I saw your blog featured on another blog, and when I saw "Kew Gardens" for this post of yours, I said to myself, "Oh Lord, a guy from Queens, NY???!!" Meaning, New York, USA!! But then I saw you said the UK! LOL! Well, I am from NY, so that's my first reaction -- NYC boroughs, YAY! :) Well, check out my blog when you get a chance, because I did a "Royal Wedding Cocktail" from your own 'mother land' :)

  6. Happy Birthday T! Looks like you guys had a sweet celebration. And your hide and seek is too adorbs!

  7. that's so weird i saw almost the exact same instagram poppy picture on gentri lee's blog.

    i like poppies so i won't hold their uniformity against them...

  8. I want to spend a weekend with you! You always have something brilliant or relaxing planned :)

  9. Wow - it looks like you had a fantastic weekend. I really miss London, My Fiance used to work there and I would visit from Manchester at weekends. It is a big change being in Ireland now - it's oh so quiet!

  10. kew gardens? i've never been! maybe it's time to change that... and pay a visit to mr. oliver's restaurant. never been there, either! xo

  11. Great Happy Birthday to Toby then!! It's Mila's b'day today too :-)

  12. I have been in London 5 years now and have wanted to go to Kew gardens for all these 5 years, must go!

  13. What a lovely weekend! I love kew its so beautiful! How was fifteen?
    Great pics xx

  14. I love how you've captivated the weekend...looks like it was fabulous, and Happy Birthday to your guy too:)

  15. Lovely lessons! Kew Gardens looks just beautiful. Next time I'm in London I must check it out!

  16. I love your weekend! You always look like you have such a good time!

  17. Love your blog! I am headed over to the UK this summer and I am loving hearing all about England. Which is funny because I live right near SF. And I do love spiral staircases- very romantic indeed!

  18. I have been meaning to go to Kew for ages now! I'm sold! Those poppies are gooooorgeous!

  19. So Fabulous!!!! Fizz before mid day!! You are OUR kinda man!!! Keep up the Fabulous work.

    And for more color.... check out our decorating with the rainbow post today!

  20. Looks like you had a marvelous weekend. Hope you have a wonderful week. xx

  21. Hi Will, this post is wonderful. I love all your shots and how you put it all together. You amaze me. xo

  22. Just have to say you're my new fave spot on the was the color that lured me in and your charming personality that brings me back! Keep it comin' :)

    Happy birthday to your guy! I hope you had a great celebration.

    Lara in Washington state

  23. Kew Gardens is so lovely. Actually that whole area is great and this is where we will be looking to settle when we hit London in 2012.

    You look amazing in no 4 - you have to have that one blown up and framed for your new pad!

    Can't believe that Mousetrap is still going AAAAND that I still haven't seen it..! Or have I..? I forget.. We used to travel to London several times a year and attend plays, musicals, exhibitions and concerts when I was little. My grand father was in the theater and I love that I grew up with a strong influence of stage life.

    Happy rest of the week to you my friend.

    x Charlotta


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