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Monday, 2 May 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Starting the weekend with a row around Regents Park boating lake in the glorious sunshine.
2. Celebrating the wedding of William and Kate with some champagne in our kitchen.
3. Taking a romantic stroll through the Hill Gardens is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.
4. I always underestimate how long it takes me to clear up after a shoot!
5. Loved the graphic packaging for this jug from The Conran Shop.
6. I also loved the elegant simplicity of this tea towel.
7. An impromptu trip to the theatre to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest musical, The Wizard of Oz, was brilliant fun even sitting in the cheap seats!
8. Excited to learn that Sweet Paul magazine is going into print in Norway. Congratulations, Paul!
9. Painted our dining room wall navy blue in preparation for creating an art wall.
10. Loved these spring linens from Brook Farm General Store.

How was your weekend? I hope you had a lovely few days!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend, the dark blue art wall sounds intriguing can't wait to see it!

  2. You look like you had a great weekend! I want to see the Wizard of Oz too! :)

    Belly B

  3. What a beautiful weekend you had...I might have to start adding top 10 things for the week too...its such a fabulous way to show what you did. Thanks for love love your blog!!!!!

    xoxo from NYC

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  5. Beautiful blog. Love the photos and the colours ofcourse!


  6. Ah that used to be one of my favourite things to do when I lived in London, visit Regent Park and go rowing! Sounds like a fun weekend Will!

  7. A very fun weekend, looking forward to seeing the progress of the gallery wall :) Nicolex

  8. I popped some bubbly to watch the royal wedding as well! Of course it was at 6am here, so a little more appropriate on your side of the pond :)

  9. I'm so sad that I missed the royal wedding and couldn't find it online:(

  10. Jealous about the wizard of Oz! Was it fab? Cant wait to see the art wall too - we have just started ours too! x

  11. I love the color of blue you chose and I can't wait to see the art on it!


  12. Sounds like a marvelous weekend. I can't even imagine what the city was like. Beautiful images!


  13. Looks like YOU had a royal weekend! That shot of the lake is stunning. And I can't wait to see your new awesome blue wall! Gorgeous!

    P.S. I hope the rumors are true about Kylie being a regular in Vegas. I would see her once a month! And you'll have to make a trip out!

  14. What was it like being the vicinity of the Royal Wedding? What did you think of the dress? I so wish I was born a European!

  15. Would you mind sharing the brand and color name of your paint color?

  16. theeclecticlife - it was wonderful! London was buzzing with excitement for days leading up to it and the event itself was just brilliant! Her dress was stunning, I thought. I really liked it when her and Wills drove off in the car together on their own, too.

    Samantha - Sure. It's Crown paint and it's called 'Dramatic'. Just so you know, it dries a much darker, navy blue than you see in the picture.


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