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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Happy Weekend

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Well, friends, I've still got my nose deep in paint charts as I try to decide on colours for our new place. The gorgeous aqua hues of this drape have me thinking about the possibility of introducing the colour somewhere in the apartment. This weekend I'm going to head to the flower market and to a little vintage fair up the road - how about you?


  1. I keep thinking about painting my living room this aqua color also, but I just can not figure out how to make it vintage, not too modern, and what other colors to paint the other walls!!! Also, our dining room is connected, so it would have to work for that also. Please let me know if you have any further ideas on how to make this possible!! I have been searching for weeks, and going to the store tomorrow, but with no luck. email me at if you get a sec, and can be so helpful! thank you!

  2. Beautiful turquoise and those flowers are stunning.


  3. that drape reminds me of a christo and jeanne claude drape piece - perhaps the way it might look if they just left if after the installation period was over (though logistically they would never be allowed to do that...strict regulations and

  4. Amazing drapes and the color is so vibrant!!!!!
    I love your blog, so much inspiration!

    xoxo from NY!


  5. Oh, I wanna see! I just ran across your blog (I am new to this) and LOVE LOVE LOVE.....
    I just did my office in blush pink with turquoise accents...wanna see? xoxo, Shel

  6. Lobe the Aqua shot! Would look wonderful for my roof terrace

  7. oh, how i love paint! color can do SO much for a space, as you very well know :) enjoy your weekend Will! xoxo - julie

  8. i love turquoise! pair it with citrine and it is to die for. your blog is sooo inspirational. love it!

  9. i think the color is beautiful, but only in little portions. otherwise it's annoying.

  10. I just visited a local charity shop,(doing a bit of recycling)bought a lovely vintage Brownie camera, doesn't work but looks fab!

    Happy weekend.

  11. Dinner party and moving furniture around also! :)

  12. I love love your blog.
    I we have a very similar colour in our Main Bedroom and Bathroom.

    Go for it!

    Here is mine if you would like to see.


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