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Monday, 21 February 2011

10 Things I Learned & Loved This Weekend

1. Things Organised Neatly is such a great blog.
2. I fell hard and fast for this simple and industrial bathroom storage.
3. These owl mascots made by students in Stockholm are super cute.
4. I've never owned a pair of Espadrille shoes, but this pair might be my first.
5. I found the perfect summer bag.
6. I love the bold patterns and colours used in Diane von Furstenberg's new home collection.
7. Isn't this camera print fun?!
8. I finally bought a subscription to Anthology.
9. I'd like to add this cute fellow to my ceramic animal menagerie.
10. I've been looking for a pair of specs like these for so long.


  1. I love Things Organized Neatly as well!! And that camera print is too cute! Good call on Anthology.

  2. I love that camera print! Wow, lots of lovely lomo magic in one print.. Looks like organization + summer holiday prep here. Love it!

  3. I totally understand why people love Things Organised Neatly. But it makes me uneasy. Wish I could go and mess things up a bit :-)

  4. Neat items! How were the cupcakes this weekend? I was hoping to see a picture. Sighhh.
    Have a great Monday,

  5. Anthology mag is so great...waiting for #2 to arrive! ;)

  6. I looove the camera print and the bold patterns!


  7. I would love to be "neatly organized" - I should take a look at this blog!
    Love Anthology....I'm a subscriber now too, as I can't seem to find it in Vancouver. It's become a new fave!

  8. I always become wiser and more cultivated after following your links :) Hope you had a marv weekend, Will!!!!

  9. Love love love your links Will :) Thank you for sharing a bit of fabulousness with us. Happy Monday!
    Nancy xo

  10. love the milk glass in teh bathroom used as storage!!

  11. Agree with Helena - the milk glass is stunning! i am so hoping we can get the DVF bedding here!
    Rachie xo

  12. Just popping in for a quick 'hello' and to say that I love the owls, spectacles (get them!!) and the fact that you treated yourself to a new subscription!

    Big hugs and happy new week.

    x Charlotta

  13. That bag! Those specs! So many fabulous things over here...and I must check out that organized blog...maybe it will rub off!:)

  14. Those owls are so cute. A real hoot!... (yeah I know, don't quit my day job)

  15. What a fantastic collection!I wish I could be more organised! Would make my life more simple.Thanks for sharing. Liked the ceramic elephant find!

  16. Love the DVF zig zag! And I've been wanting a pair of specs for myself too. Those look great. Can't go wrong with Oliver Peoples. I just want some so people will take me more seriously. I look like a kid still!

  17. Loving the milk glass! Sounds like you had a great weekend. xx

  18. things organized neatly! :) I love that blog :)x

  19. How have I not seen Things Organised Neatly before?! It's I'm a virgo


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