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Friday 17 December 2010

Three Last Minute Decor Ideas

It's this last week leading up to Christmas that I enjoy the most. Am I bonkers? Perhaps! There is something intoxicating about the way festivities kick up a gear as the holiday season heads towards it's climax. Whilst I enjoy this time of year, it's often very busy (I've yet to complete my Christmas shopping and this weekend we're hosting a friend's Christmas!) so I've pulled together three quick and simple ideas to last minute decorating. Although I do love the bauble clusters (isn't ice blue and red such a refreshing colour combo?) I have to admit that the mug surprises are my favourite idea. Great fun for kids and adults alike, filling mugs with sweets wrapped in jewel coloured wrappers, and hanging with leftover ribbons brings festive charm and whimsy to banisters.
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  1. onto the bobble clusters-- I'll take 2 as earrings please ;-)

  2. The mugs on the staircase - a totally fun twist on tradition!!!!

  3. Beautiful pics, Will! What I like most about this post is that you used the word "bonkers." :)

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I like the mod folksy business! thanks for putting me back in the spirit...I was slipping. ;)
    Have a good night!

  5. I love the final days too! The anticipation is peaking and the kids can hardly contain themselves! Its also the last week I can threaten with 'Santas watching you!'

  6. Hanging mug treats! Woohoo!

    (Can you tell I'm still feeling extra jolly?!)

  7. Perhaps I will try the folksy idea...I have to admit, not yet in the christmas spirit...

  8. Oh i totally am in the christmas spirit - its gingerbread lattes and mince pies all round here!

    Loving the mugs to hang on the bannister!
    Happy weekend
    Rachie xo

  9. You are seriously brilliant, you know that? Once I've moved into my first place I think I'll need to fly you out and have you decorate the joint. J'adore the light blue and holly red. Love it, love it, love it!

  10. Cute cute cute! Too bad all the mug surprises would be empty by the time company arrives...I will have to make my new years resolution something along the lines of practice more self-control! Love the bauble clusters too. Great post, Will.

    *Tania @

  11. You are the hero of my weekend. :)


  12. Awesome quick ideas....I too have yet to finish my shopping, but its more fun this way...Have a great weekend!

  13. Mister these are so cute!! Love the blue and red together, yes SO refreshing!!


  14. Mod Folksy Fusion might just be my new favorite decor phrase...not to mention that amazing image that accompanies this!

  15. Speed decorating! I love it! :)

    Yes, I too love the last spurt up til Christmas. Actually I love the lead up more than the actual thing. The anticipation is always the my book.

    Hoping you are well.

    xx Charlotta

  16. thanks for giving me some inspiration - I'm loving the folksy look - the soft whites are so beautiful for the holidays!

  17. the mug surprises is so cute, especially if you have children... cute ideas!
    Happy Holidays!!!

  18. so cute and chic! love every single idea :)

  19. Thanks for your kind words about these festive ideas - I'm tempted to make a few last minute bauble clusters!


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